From the March 2002 Idaho Observer:

Strange days in the Flathead

KALISPELL -- The nation's pro-American community was put on alert March 1 when it was nationally reported that a Kalispell man taken into custody was head of a Montana Militia that planned bombings, assassinations and had ties to international terrorists. The plot was allegedly called Project 7. Since the original reporting and a round of interrogations and searches by the FBI the story has died. We have it on good authority that most of the claims were bogus.

What we know is the following: Dave Burgert, the man taken into custody and the identified “ringleader” was an outspoken critic of public officials and had successfully challenged their misused authority in court. Burgert was also serving civil process on public officials for others who were attempting to find justice.

Last Thanksgiving a father and son were separated while hunting on the Flathead. The father contacted Sheriff Dupont's department to help locate the son. Rather than call Burgert and another man who are outfitters with intimate knowledge of the area as is customary in such cases, the sheriff took six hours to find where the trail began. By the time they got to the boy he was dead.

Burgert was livid. He sent an email far and wide that was extremely critical of the sheriff's motives which he believed were politically motivated to boost his chances for reelection.

Within days Burgert was arrested while filing civil process. He was sprayed in the face with a chemical he describes as extremely painful, causing his body fluids to drain from the pores of his skin. He was arraigned and released. Rather than appear in court, Burgert disappeared. His whereabouts were unknown to his closest associates until being captured recently.

Several people who were closely associated to Burgert find it impossible to believe he was masterminding a homicidal rampage against public officials. They also find claims that he was involved with international terrorists absurd.

“Dave is just like the rest of us. He just wants to see corruption punished and for truth and justice to prevail,” said one close associate who has been on pins and needles since the story broke.

Burgert is currently being held on bail jumping charges. No additional charges have been filed against him at this time. We believe there is not enough actual evidence that he can be framed with, much to the chagrine of Sheriff Dupont.

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