From the December 2005 Idaho Observer:

The Phantom Fourteenth

An excellent, 60-page book entitled "The Phantom Fourteenth" by Patrick Henry Omlor documents the evidence proving, beyond doubt, the invalidity of the 14th Amendment—the "legal" justification for every apparently unconstitutional law enacted by Congress since 1868.

Dec. 4, 1865: Eighty lawfully elected delegates from 11 Confederate states were denied a voice in the 39th Congress when the speaker simply refused to call out their names allowing them to be seated. This unprecedented act was clearly in violation of Article I (Sections 2 and 3) and Article V of the U.S. Constitution. All enactments ensuing from the 39th (and the subsequent 40th) Congress, in lawful contemplation, are null and void.

June 13, 1866: The joint resolution of Congress proposing the 14th Amendment, which passed while excluding the voices of the 80 duly elected Confederate representatives, was null and void because it was not ratified by 3/4 of the states per the Constitution.

January 25, 1867: Mississippi becomes the 10th state to reject the 14th Amendment, making its ratification a mathematical impossibility.

July 21, 1868: The illegally seated 40th Congress passes a concurrent resolution falsely declaring the 14th Amendment ratified by the required number of states. The "Phantom 14th" was adopted by the illegal 40th Congress July 28, 1868.

The Phantom Fourteenth can be ordered online at or by calling (509) 994-6011. $13 ea. (incl. s/h).

Note: As we are about to see, non-passage of the 14th Amendment was not an option.

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