From the January 2006 Idaho Observer:

U.S., Israel poised to nuke Iran

America preoccupied with Bush impeachment campaign and Capitol Hill corruption

scandals while White House finalizes plans for "preemptive"nuclear strike on Iran"

The launching of an outright war using nuclear warheads against Iran is now in the final planning stages."

That shocking comment came from the 10-page article "Nuclear War Against Iran," released January 3, 2006 by Michel Chossudovsky, professor of economics at Canada’s University of Ottawa and director of the Center for Research on Globalization (

Current Concerns, the English version of Zeit Fragen, a newspaper out of Zurich, Switzerland, with which The Idaho Observer has a close relationship, is also frontpaging the story for its January, 2006 edition. According to Current Concerns’ editors, Chossudovsky’s article, which itself is well-supported, is consistent with other reports our friends in Europe have been receiving.

Chossudovsky cites sources strongly indicating that, "All top Israeli officials have pronounced the end of March, 2006, as the deadline for launching a military assault on Iran."

Americans who understand the role of the dominant media in our modern world realize that it functions as the fourth branch of government. That there would be a widely-reported and expanding scandal of D.C. corruption and omnipartisan clamor for Bush’s impeachment—while plans for a nuclear attack on Iran are "in the final planning stages"—simply cannot be coincidental.

If Chossudovsky is right, and his track record as an astute analyst of contemporary affairs gives us no reason to suspect he is not, then the gathering storm of domestic scandals are being orchestrated as a cover for what must be interpreted as the ultimate endgame move: The calculated decision by the Bush administration to exercise the "nuclear option."

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