From the March 2006 Idaho Observer:

"There is no law"

By the end of February, 2006, tax-honesty advocates Irwin Schiff and Cindy Neun had been sentenced to federal prison for "crimes" associated with their attempts to get the government to show America the law that compels wage earners and salaried employees to pay "income" taxes. Irwin, 78, was sentenced to 13 years; Cindy was given five years. A full year was added to Irwin’s sentence because he was continually being held in contempt for trying to bring up relevant laws and statutes for the record.

Nevada District Federal Judge Kent Dawson did prove what Schiff and others have suspected for decades: "There is no law." The problem appears to be that the tax honesty movement was asking the government to answer a "specific" question and the government’s answer was "general."

By his actions during the two-month trial which ended October 24, 2005 with guilty verdicts for Schiff on 14 counts of tax evasion and Neun on 15 counts, Judge Dawson proved that THERE IS NO LAW. Witnesses were shocked on the fourth day of the trial when Judge Dawson opened the proceedings for the day by stating, "The law has nothing to do with this trial."

We published a description of the kangaroo proceedings that resulted in the predetermined outcome of guilty verdicts in the Nov., 2005 edition of The IO. If you are interested in more details of this travesty, go to,, and To donate to Irwin and Cindy’s legal defense funds, call Freedom Law School at (760) 868-4271.

In Aaron Russo’s documentary "America: From Freedom to Fascism" an IRS attorney was asked why the IRS refuses to answer the people’s very legitimate and respectfully presented questions about the legality of the income tax. He commented that the IRS does answer the people’s questions "by litigating them."

So, the real issue at hand is this: What are we going to do about the fact that Irwin and Cindy’s "guilt" and statements by the government prove that THERE IS NO LAW left in America?

What can we do for Irwin and Cindy?

There is no one on the planet, including the IRS commissioner, who knows the IRS Code more intimately than Irwin—with the possible exception of Cindy. Judge Dawson knew that the persecution of these two people had nothing to do with the law, which was why he prevented Irwin and Cindy from defending themselves before the jury on the merits of their case and why he stated, in open court, that, "The law has nothing to do with this trial."

But, there are a multitude of appealable issues. An appeal will not be heard for at least a year. Irwin and his conviction is prominently featured in Freedom to Fascism. When it comes out, we need to make sure everyone we know sees the film and make sure that their appeal is well-publicized and generates the appropriate level of outrage.

Since they were tried and "convicted" together, we can assume that they will be working the same appeal. Keep checking the websites previously mentioned and/or stay tuned to The IO.

These are two powerful people who took point in the federal war on freedom. We choose to believe that it was a mistake to imprison them and that through their persecution will come a wave of public awareness that THERE IS NO LAW in America. We vow to keep you posted and to inform you when it is time to act. Neither the verdicts nor the sentences are acceptable. We cannot let them stand. We will not forget them. We must pray for them and tell people what happened. Irwin and Cindy deserve everything we can do on their behalf. ~The IO staff

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