From the June 2006 Idaho Observer:

U.S. prepping mass mind for new "attack"

On June 22, seven "terrorist" suspects, five U.S. citizens and two Haitians, were arrested by the FBI in Miami. They are reportedly Muslims with no apparent links to international terror but had been infiltrated by a U.S. agent posing as a member of al-Qaeda. Authorities allege that group member Narseal Batiste reached out to the informant with plans to acquire uniforms, machine guns, explosives, radios, vehicles and cash to carry out plans to destroy the Sears Tower in Chicago, and other U.S. buildings. No weapons or bomb making materials were found.

U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales stressed that an imminent threat wasn’t required to make the arrests. The four-count indictment included charges of conspiring to "maliciously damage and destroy by means of an explosive" the FBI building in North Miami Beach and the Sears Tower, and conspiring "to levy war against the government of the United States, and to oppose by force the authority thereof."

In a press conference on June 23, Gonzales cited the alleged plots as consistent with recent events in Toronto, Madrid and London, examples where suspects were not operatives of a foreign terrorist group but were inspired "by a violent jihadist message" in their native countries.

It is interesting to note that the entire 110 story Sears Tower was bought in March 2004 by two New York investors who are part of Larry Silverstein’s group that owns the World Trade Center lease.



Coming soon to a theater near you

World Trade Center, an Oliver Stone production starring Nicholas Cage, will be in movie theatres everywhere beginning August 9, 2006. This will be interesting. Stone effectively fictionalized in the collective American mind the real-life conspiracies surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy in his 1992 epic film JFK.


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