From the September 2006 Idaho Observer:

The IO logo goes ‘round and ‘round

In the July edition, we published the story, "NASCAR team to promote bill to reinstate federal parole: FedCURE and Carter 2 Motor sports team up to run ‘HR 3072’ in the Craftsman Truck Series."

We were contacted by Ashley at Carter 2 who had heard about the article and asked if we could send her a hardcopy. We happily obliged—but with the usual trepidation that comes when we are not certain how appreciative someone we have never met will be when they see themselves in our uniquely controversial publication.

Carter 2 not only appreciated the article, but framed it. They loved the content of The IO and Ashley called to ask if I could send The IO logo to their graphics guy so he could work with it and turn it into an image that would grace their race truck. Without hesitation, I said, "Yes." I suspect that the same feeling they had when they saw the story in print was the same feeling I had when I saw photos of what the Carter 2 team did to The IO logo. The top photo shows the truck and the bottom is a close-up of the image just in front of the rear wheel well.

Our thanks and best wishes go out to the Carter 2 Motorsports team. May your intent to drive important political messages home to the NASCAR crowd be successful and may your victories be as sweet as they are numerous—on the track and off.

Sincerely, Don Harkins and The IO staff

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