From the October 2006 Idaho Observer:

10/11/6: What happened? 10/11/6

Idaho Observer subscriber Dave Connors made some astute observations and noted several "coincidences" concerning the crash of Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle’s single engine four-seat Cirrus SR20 plane into what Fox News described as a 50-story luxury condo, called The Belaire:

· The plane crash occurred in NYC as in the 9/11/01 attack. By looking at the 10/11/6 date of the crash "up-side-down", what do you see?

· The crash occurred on 10-11-6, exactly 1 month later than the 9-11 five year anniversary.

· The plane crashes into a building; similar to planes hitting WTC Twin Towers

· Millions were watching the baseball playoffs while this occurs: An attempt at trauma-based mind control through triggering 9/11 terror memories?

· "The pitcher’s passport was found at the accident site…" Shades of the magical unscathed 9/11 "hijacker" passport?

· Was Lidle’s instructor Tyler Stanger a "Manchurian Candidate?" (See DVD "The Assassination of JFK Jr." wherein it is proven, with brilliant research, beyond a reasonable doubt that JFK Jrs.’ plane was sabotaged by a "kamikazee" mind-controlled phony substitute "instructor," as was done on the Egypt Air flight just a few months earlier).

· The Fox news article makes mention that Lidle had discussed the plane crash that killed John F. Kennedy Jr. and "felt safe flying his plane."

· "Witnesses reported seeing a gigantic fireball come out of the building." Napalm, or mini-nukes, for "spectacular effects" as probably used in the WTC Twin Towers on 911?

· "Rich Behar, a New York resident and former Time magazine reporter, told FOX News, "There was a lot of horror and terror when it hit,’ adding that "the whole ordeal reminded him of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks."

· No mention of "whose" apartment(s) were demolished and if people inside the building were hurt. News stories just mentioned that no one inside was "killed."

· Although the 9/11 official story claims that three WTC buildings came down into powdered rubble, collapsing into their own footprint, due to burning jet fuel, the fires in The Belaire were blazing. However, the building is still standing and "less than an hour after the crash, firefighters extinguished the blaze."

Excerpts (in quotes) were taken from a Fox News story posted 10/11/6 at

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