From the February 2007 Idaho Observer:

"We are sorry...the numbers you are trying to reach have been disconnected and are no longer in service to each other..."

This column is going to illustrate the various means by which people (numbers) have willingly institutionalized pre and post-natal practices that are serving to disconnect mankind from the natural world and each other. Then we will show how our collective disconnectivity is shaping our modern world and retarding social interaction.

Ideally, a child would be conceived in love and the gestation environment would be safe and happy; the mother, having been raised in a culture that teaches young women how to carry babies and care for infant children, would never want for proper nourishment, clean water or a comfortable place to await the birth of her baby. The child would then be born completely healthy into a warm, happy, loving environment—when he is ready—and immediately begin suckling at his mother’s breast.

Most pregnancies and births are less than ideal in varying degrees. Children are often not conceived in love and the gestational environment is not safe or happy and expectant mothers, raised in a culture that only teaches young women how to rely on baby experts, are malnourished and do not have access to clean water; uncomfortably enduring difficult pregnancies in anticipation of complications. The child is then born, struggling—when the doctor is ready—into a world of medical intervention, latex gloves, stark lights and the debts associated with hospital births. The babies are quickly removed to be cleaned up with chemicals, vaccinated and encouraged to begin nursing on rubber nipples attached to plastic bottles filed with infant formula.

The former scenario provides the best possible opportunity for children of God to be connected to Him, their parents and the environment; the latter scenario creates the likelihood that children will not be connected to God, their parents or the environment. The potential for disconnect increases as babies are exposed to the following list of possible intrusions/perversions: Cesarean births, drug-induced births, the drugging of mothers during pregnancy, the drugging of mothers during labor, prenatal ultrasound, post-natal isolation/incubation, intubated post-natal feeding and circumcision.

I am not making the claim that "deviation A" results in "psychopathy B." What I am trying to demonstrate is there is an ideal wherein children assume souls sometime during their development and are then born with the greatest possibility of living healthy, compassionate, well-adjusted lives connected to their Creator, the human family and our world; conversely there are factors that are less than ideal—some unavoidable and some avoidable—that increase the possibilities for ill-health, discompassion and mal-adjustments resulting in lives being disconnected from their Creator, other people and the natural world that sustains them.

Now look around you. People are preferring to stay locked in their own little worlds and when they do socialize, its to further their own interests or satisfy their own desires. Larger and larger percentages of younger people are completely absorbed in their own worlds and their anti-social tendencies are exploited and nurtured by companies that produce electronic virtual reality games. These young people have very little connection to the natural world; even menstrual cycles are chemically-controlled.

We are so wrapped up in this age of convenience, the disconnections have become so widespread and our numbers so many that life—creating it, rearing it and living it—has become mechanical. We, already pretty disconnected ourselves after less-than-ideal births and surviving as best we can in a disconnected culture, plan for the hospital births of our babies and make appointments for the time and date they will be born. In 2005, 30.2 percent of U.S. live births were taken cesarean—up from 29.1 percent in 2004 (Source: National Center for Health Statistics). Modern mothers commonly and unquestioningly take drugs and vaccines prescribed to them by their physicians and allow the invasion of ultrasound waves to peek into their wombs at least twice before the scheduled birth.

A huge factor in promoting the trend of convenient birthing is the increasing disconnection between women. When a girlchild enters the world after an ideal gestation through a vaginal delivery, she is born in a gush of feminine energy and is immediately bonded to her mother and, in a real sense, to other women, by being born into the experience.

Wholistic physicians and midwives who are passing on ancient traditions and knowledge with regard to childbirth can explain the hundreds of magical spiritual, physiological and neurodevelopmental things that happen when we enter the world in God’s perfect sequence. Imagine what happens to girls who are taken cesarean, chemically-washed and treated, pharmaceutically-vaccinated and bottle fed; they are disconnected from their mothers and, thus, disconnected from the world of womanhood. In this way, the cycle of disconnected femininity is steadily deepening to the grave detriment of our civilization. "Welcome to planet Earth, young lady. We cut you out of your mom, snatched you away from her, cleaned you up with a bunch of chemicals, pumped cocktails of toxic substances into your body and have rendered you incapable of empathizing with women in childbirth or bonding properly with your future children."

Now imagine what impact this is having on boys. They, too, are disconnected almost immediately and commonly subjected to another barbarity: Circumcision. "Welcome to planet Earth, young man. We cut you out of your mom, snatched you away from her, cleaned you up with a bunch of chemicals, pumped cocktails of toxic substances into your body, mutilated your penis without anesthetic (for no good reason) and stuck a rubber nipple in your mouth. In a few years we’ll send you off to school to complete your indoctrination. By the time you reach adulthood, you will be an untrusting, discompassionate, unconnected moron living in your own personal hell just like (almost) everybody else."

So, what impact is all this disconnection having on us? Well, we watch a lot of TV and are happily anesthetized to the pain of others and really do not care until the pain becomes our own. When our neighbors are wrongfully persecuted, murdered or imprisoned, we just hope it doesn’t happen to us. If someone gets hurt or sick we call a doctor because we haven’t the foggiest idea how our bodies work or how to treat simple wounds and common illnesses. If we get caught out in bad weather we die from exposure because we have no idea how to exist in harmony with nature. We rape resources and create waste with no concerns for our childrens’ futures or the world that is suffering to sustain us. Those of us who do have concern cannot effectively work together because we are so confused and dysfunctional that our disconnectivity prevents us from working together long enough to accomplishing anything of lasting value.

The worst part of all this is that it does not take a conspiracy to disconnect us from each other and the world we depend upon for survival. We do it willingly. Why?

My guess as to why humans so unquestioningly accept self-destructive disconnection "rituals" and are so willing to inflict them on our babies is that, once we suffer the first disconnection insult, perhaps in utero, we are from that point forward predisposed to disconnected thoughts and actions. We are then trapped in an ever-deepening cycle: The more disconnected we become the less likely we will be able to fathom the depths of our disconnect.

It is my hope that the majority of us will someday understand how we, as numbers, are being ritualistically disconnected so we can repair the damaged lines and reinstate service to one another. ~DWH

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