From the March 2007 Idaho Observer:

Breaking 9/11 truth: BBC, CNN announce collapse of WTC 7—23 minutes before it happened

On Feb. 27, 2007, a video clip from the BBC appeared on YouTube and was instantly made available to the world—over and over again. The clip, which only aired once and, according to the BBC was "lost," shows BBC correspondent Jane Standley talking about how the Saloman Brothers Building (WTC 7) had just collapsed. The report was broadcast approximately 23 minutes before WTC 7 actually collapsed.

The still at right, taken from the live BBC broadcast, clearly shows WTC 7 still standing in the background (see circle to the right of her ear). The source of the clip claims the spot was originally aired at 4:47 p.m. WTC 7 collapsed at 5:20 p.m.

On the PBS documentary America Rebuilds (Sept., 2002), WTC 7 lease holder Silverstein Properties President Larry Silverstein admitted a year after-the-fact that he and the NY Fire Department decided to "pull" the building, indicating that they had decided to evacuate the WTC and detonated preset charges intended to bring it down. The BBC clip indicates that it had prior knowledge that WTC 7 was to collapse, though Standley made no mention that the collapse was preplanned.

The BBC has thus far refused to intelligently comment on the clip. It did, however, recently produce and broadcast a documentary debunking claims that serious questions surround the official explanations for what happened on 9/11.

The purveyors of the official, 19-boxcutter wielding Arab terrorist explanation for 9/11 could quell so much of the wild speculations about what really happened that tragic day by just answering a few simple questions—such as:

1. If more and more people are becoming convinced that it could not have been a Boeing 757 that hit the Pentagon, then why won’t the Bush administration release the scores of high-quality surveillance tapes that would conclusively satisfy the growing numbers of doubting people with the real-time photographic evidence?

2. If the collapse of WTC 7 was not preplanned, then how did the BBC have advance knowledge of its collapse?

Note: News that the BBC had reported the collapse of WTC 7 before the fact caused people to look for more evidence that the media had prior knowledge of the building’s demolition. Posted to is a clip from CNN clearly showing police and firefighters telling the public to get back because WTC 7 was coming down.

On September 9 2006, 9/11 victims advocate Robert McPadden told an audience at the Community Church in New York City how, while he was stationed in a Red Cross operations center, he was told that Building 7 was going to be brought down.

We have known since WTC complex leaseholder Larry Silverstein stated on the PBS documentary "America Rebuilds" (Sept., 2002) that the decision had been made to "pull" WTC 7 and that it collapsed as a result of a planned demolition. But now we have an overwhelming body of mutually corroborating evidence to prove the fact. It would now seem prudent to find out who planned the demolition and why.

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