From the June 2007 Idaho Observer:

The Great Ron Paul Overnight

By sharing network airtime with the a lineup of "the usual suspects," Ron Paul and his honest sincerity has started a revolution in the hearts of millions across America and has sparked hope all across the war-torn globe. We need to turn the heat up so the revolution now simmering in Americans’ hearts will boil over into the streets. Following is a simple plan in which patriots everywhere can play a part:

1. Begin getting "Ron Paul 2008" and "Ron Paul for President" signs together ASAP. Make them simple and as professional and inexpensive as possible. Think quantity, quality, economy and simplicity.

2. On the afternoon and evening of July 3, organize your helpers and stage the signs at strategic locations.

3. After dark, begin plastering signs all over your city, town, in neighborhoods, on overpasses, at street corners, storefronts, public gathering places and near TV/radio stations and newspaper offices—anywhere and everywhere people will see them.

4. When America wakes up 4th of July, they will awaken to the Ron Paul Revolution—from their hearts and into the streets.

(With thanks to Jim Palmisano in Missouri for this excellent idea)

Never before has a respected member of Congress who is on record as believing as we do on so many subjects vital to real security of our nation had such a huge audience at his disposal. Fellow patriots, concerned Americans and die-hard troublemakers, this is our chance: Rep. Paul cannot be excluded from the debates because he is a sitting Republican member of Congress running for president and removing him from the lineup would be too obvious. Every time he holds the floor in front of millions of viewers, he says what is on his heart—which is exactly what has been on our hearts for years. Discrediting Dr. Paul’s message is proving difficult because the status quo is failing so utterly and the people feel it; discrediting the messenger himself is proving impossible and only opens the doors to reveal the skeletons in his opponents’ personal and political closets. What’s more, his passion and decency is awakening the sleepers of all colors and stripes at an unprecedented rate. Until the nomination phase of this long campaign begins early next year, we need to press this advantage.

This is a grassroots effort and, to date, we are not aware of anyone mass-producing signs for purchase. A file to download a color lawn sign master can be found at and then mass duplication is up to you. Buttons, mugs and bumper stickers can be found at

The folks at Cafe Press are offering their Ron Paul Campaign items at cost. You can order by phone at 877-809-1659.

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