From the September 2007 Idaho Observer:

Teach Them Well

Pass the message on to our kin.

Unbiased truth is where to begin.

Reality hurts but the healing is real.

Overcoming betrayal is what we feel.

Government lies serve corporate moves.

Profit margins take precedence over fur and hooves;

Everything living should be in symbiosis.

Pharmaceutical brokers mass market phychoses.

Arm the spirit and take the chance,

Our people’s interests are what to advance.

Communication, collectives, progress will start;

You’ll know what it is when you follow your heart.

Life is precious, not to be discarded.

Will genetic research euthanize the retarded?

Man must accept that all exist equal.

Species sustain, or die out. There is no sequel.

Animal testing, so blatantly cruel –

Earth mother’s angry! She’s nobody’s fool.

Respect for our planet now demands action.

Exploiters’ defense is to criminalize a faction.

Seeing your courage to stand for what’s right

Strengthens resolve to fight the good fight.

Keep your ideals, your values, intact.

Make your priority facing the fact.

Open their eyes so they see what it is:

Feeding runaway greed’s a fulltime biz.

Choose what you know is best for us all:

United we stand and divided we fall.

~Tom Fetters


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