From the November 2007 Idaho Observer:

Ron Paul Revolution

"I've never gotten involved in a political campaign before"

With the exception of a small percentage of Ron Paul revolutionaries who wear the stripes and scars of previous political campaigns, the majority of the tens of thousands of active Ron Paul campaign supporters openly state that they have never been involved in a political campaign before.

This simple anomally has completely upset the apple cart of political punditry, political campaign strategy and has completely changed the rules of engagement which require that candidates stick to the nonissues. It is thrilling to see the insiders squirming and how the landscape is changing every day as the status quo scrambles to contain Ron Paul—contain the new kids on the block who are suddenly and exuberantly interested in presidential politics because of Ron Paul.

Here's a few examples of what we have done:

• Ron Paul broke the one day record for campaign contributions Nov. 5, 2007—$4.3 million from 63,000 donors.

• On Nov. 20, Ron Paul won the Gentlemen's Quarterly "Dark Horse of the Year Award."

• Ron Paul has come from being given zero chance of being nominated to being considered a serious contender.

•A new nationwide Zogby telephone poll reveals that a sizeable majority of Americans are looking to vote for a candidate who protects liberty, wants to shrink government and immediately withdraw troops from Iraq - all traits common to Texas Congressman Ron Paul. Those polled were given four descriptions of candidates and then asked to choose which one they would prefer as president. Of those polled, 32.8 percent chose a president like Ron Paul, 18.6 chose the likeness of Guiliani, 15.1 preferred the Romney type and 12.6 opted for the Thompson character.


Meetups progress

As of July 20, 2007, 557 meetup groups had formed with 20,820 total members. By the next day, 569 meetup groups had 24,898 members.

As of Sept. 9, 2007, there were 867 groups with 42,566 members; 5,177 Ron Paul events had been held in 706 cities and 17 countries.

Just two days later, Sept. 11, 2007, the numbers had jumped again: 885 groups with 43,765 members; 5,337 Ron Paul events had been held in 718 cities and 19 countries.

By press time for the October, 2007 edition, there were 1,019 groups with 56,000 members; 9,337 events have been held in 811 cities and 22 countries.

Nov. 20, 2007: 1,215 groups have 72,806 members in 949 cities and 24 countries; 14,826 meetup events have been reported.

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