From the February 2008 Idaho Observer:

Are you ready for a paradigm shift?

There is an awakening underway in Russia and it is being inspired by the "Ringing Cedars" series of books by Vladimir Megre’, eight of nine of which have been translated into English from the original Russian. Since becoming acquainted with the books, The IO staff and many of our readers have also found ourselves inspired. Though some of our more dogmatic Christian friends have trouble with a few of the concepts, much of what is being relayed by the "Siberian recluse" Anastasia resonates so deeply within us that it’s causing us to look at the world—and the plants and animals we share it with—much differently. Our emerging perspectives are leading us to find little clues everywhere throughout Man’s history—in the theological works of all the world’s major religions (including the Bible), in the works of philosophers, in popular literature and in our own experiences—that prove most everything we believe are lies intended to diminish our potential as divine beings.

One cannot explain the Ringing Cedars series any easier than one can explain the series called the "Castaneda books" (1960-1998). One also cannot say with certainty whether the Ringing Cedars series or the Castaneda books are non-fiction or extremely compelling fiction. However, my instincts as a reader, a writer and a researcher, is that the non-ordinary realities described in the Castaneda books are nonfiction. I was not convinced that the Ringing Cedars series was nonfiction until receiving the release below. I am also finding that, although coming from two completely different regions of the world—Siberia and southwest U.S./northern Mexico—there are many commonalities revealed when Anastasia and Don Juan are describing the universe of non-ordinary realities.

We suggest that you check into the Ringing Cedars series and get ready for a new paradigm. Hundreds of people we know "are doing it." We got a letter from a soon-to-be-released prisoner/IO reader/penpal and master gardener who devoured the series and informed us that 38 other people in his circle of prisoners have also devoured the books.

If we are to survive the coming tribulations and lead our people into a kinder, gentler and more sustainable age where Man assumes his rightful place as masters and stewards of God’s creation, then we will have to relearn what has been conditioned out of us. and there is no time like the present to get started.