From the February 2008 Idaho Observer:

A clear shot

There are now five candidates for president left in the running: Two Democrats, two Republicans and Ron Paul.

Using the process of reductive reasoning, Ron Paul has a very good chance of becoming the 44th president of the United States.

Letís look at the reasons why:

John McCain is damaged goods, skeletons will come out and he will not win.

Mike Huckabee, no matter how fooled people are by his alleged Christian values, will not carry enough states on that platform.

Hillary Clinton has support from women because she is a woman and that is not enough to win.

Barack Obama has the black vote, votes "opposing Hillary", and democratic popular support in general right now. He has the clear advantage of having fewer personal and political skeletons than the others due to the comparatively short time he has been in the political arena.

The one candidate with the ability to cross all racial, theological and gender boundaries is Ron Paul because his platform is simple to understand: Get out of the war, honest money and honest taxation. He has no personal skeletons and, after 10 terms in Congress, he has no political skeletons, either.

When Republicans realize McCain and Huckabee have zero chance of winning against Hillary or Obama, they will come out in support of Ron Paul. As the Republican nominee, Democrats will cross over to be part of the revolution this country so desperately needs.