From the April 2008 Idaho Observer:

We the People Chairman announces hungerstrike

Bob Schulz at the April 15 rally in Washington, D.C. Though the event was not as well attended as we had all originally hoped, some very important announcements were made.

One of this nation’s most dedicated activists just released a 2,600-word epistle explaining that there is no law in this country and there are no remedies for the people’s grievances.

Bob Schulz, the chairman of We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education has been attempting to get the government to listen to the people’s grievances since 1998. That was after he discovered there was no law requiring the people to pay taxes on their wages. Often through extremely innovative means, Schulz organized huge events in an effort to force the government to listen to the legitimate grievances of its people through respectfully-submitted petitions—which now involve the Patriot Act, the War in Iraq, fair elections and 9/11. No matter how urgent our grievances and no matter how many people sign petitions and no matter how public we make the filings of our petitions, the government simply ignores us.

So Schulz took the next step, he went into the court system to seek an order to compel the government to answers citizens’ respectfully submitted petitions for redress of grievances. Have we not been told since kindergarten that our beneficent government must answer the people’s petitions for redress as a matter of policy since it is a government of, by and for the people?

After nearly three years of pursuing this matter, the court determined that, yes, the people do have a right to petition the government for redress of grievances, but the government is under no obligation to respond.

After a decade of working nonstop, Bob finally admitted that the system is broken. But, the retired marine engineer refuses to give up—on restoring the Republic or her people.


WASHINGTON, D.C.—About 2,000 people attended the April 15 rally near the Capitol Building steps. Ron Paul spoke to the cheering crowd and so did We the People (WTP) Chairman Bob Schulz who laid out the latest plan to force the government’s hand at acknowledging the people’s many petitions for redresses of grievances. WTP will tour the country yet again to gather more signatures on the several petitions calling for redress of grievances concerning the income tax, the war, the Patriot Act, elections and 9/11.

On July 30, 2008, the petitions will be delivered to the government in an appropriate way. Schulz will give the government 40 days to respond—the same amount of time the people of England gave the king under Section 61 of the Magna Charta of 1215.

If the government has not answered the petitions as respectfully as they were submitted, Schulz vows to begin a hunger strike on the west lawn of the Capitol. "I’ll be down there," Schulz told a Houston Chronicle reporter. "Either I’ll pass away or they are going to respond to these petitions. Something’s got to happen."

Schulz went on a hunger strike in the summer of 2001 and only stopped when the IRS and the Justice Department finally agreed to answer questions about the income tax in a deal brokered by Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD). The date was set for Sept. 20, 2001 and reset for February, 2002 due to 9/11, but Rep. Bartlett backed out.

People who are interested in sponsoring Schulz for a petition-signing rally in their area this spring and summer, are encouraged to contact WTP through its website at