From the July 2008 Idaho Observer:

Governorís 9/11 Truth Proclamation Campaign

Though more dots are being connected on what happened on 9/11 almost every day, we are no closer to a real investigation now than we were on September 12, 2001. For all their evidence and good intentions, hardcore 9/11 Truthers are mired in squabbles over minutia and cannot take 9/11 truth to the next level: A critical mass of American outrage. As objective outsiders not intimately involved with the deepening 9/11 truth soap opera who are grateful for all the work 9/11 truth movers have been doing for almost seven years, letís take 9/11 Truth to the next level. I cannot overstate the importance of our succeeding in bringing about an American critical mass on this subject. Our nation is divided on this point: Those who believe the governmentís official story and support the "war on terrorism" (and American civil liberties) v. those who do not believe the governmentís official story and oppose the war on terror and the consequential suspension of our civil liberties.

Idaho Observer readers can single-handedly take 9/11 truth to the next level because we are in every state. I want at least one of our readers from each state to contact me with the intent of petitioning their governor to sign the "proclamation," drafted by retired engineer Don Meserlian of New Jersey, that he supports an investigation of the governmentís own evidence proving that preplanted explosives were used to collapse the Twin Towers BEFORE the planes hit.

We will arrange for a copy of the proclamation (The IO, June, 08) and a cover letter to be sent to the governor of your state. We will coordinate followups and, if a governor refuses to sign the proclamation, we will request a letter of explanation.

Awaiting your call, Don H.