From the July 2008 Idaho Observer:

Sturgis Freedom Fest "delivered the goods"

By Jack Blood

Under the ominous spectacle of the Black Hills, a dozen or more of the nation’s top researchers and activists gathered together to discuss information and strategy in relation to restoring the Constitutional Republic of the USA.

Lakota tribe spokesman and American Indian activist Russell Means delivered a powerful 2 hour speech on July 3rd, which set the mood for the week’s events. "The USA has been covertly changed from a country of producers to a country of consumers" said Means. "This is a direct move by the powers that be to turn you into a slave class" Russell Means knows all too well what can happen to a people when the individual loses his ability to provide for him or herself, and therefore must count on corporations to deliver food, water, energy, and essential goods and products needed to survive.

If that wasn’t enough of a reason to travel 1000 miles to the Black Hills of South Dakota, the entire day’s events, both speakers and artists, musicians, and witnesses were enough to shake any freedom loving American to their very core.

Red Beckman, Pat Shannan, Ernest Hancock, Michael Badnarik John Stadtmiller, Myself, Vickie Carp and Abbe Waldman DeLozier, Dave Von Kliest, Penny Langford Freeman, and John McManus and others… all threw down the info gauntlet July 4th 2008. The mood was exhilarating and the 70 or so people in attendance, along with the many folks listening online… were deeply moved by the array of speakers and the quality of the information. We have tons of footage from the event, and it is our hope that we can compile it all into a documentary film, tentatively titled: STURGIS SD REVOLUTION FREEDOM FEST 2008 - YOU WERE THERE! Look for it in the late summer or fall of 2008.

To sum all of this up…. It is not the event itself that makes for a great movement, it is the people that make up the event, and the movement. If that is the definition we should attend to - Then indeed, the Sturgis Freedom Fest delivered the goods.

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