From the July 2008 Idaho Observer:

RNC getting the message: Americans seek return to "sound money"

Wired magazine writer Michael Nystrom reported July 18 that, during the second week of July, 2008, the Republican Party "issued a clarion call….for its grassroots supporters to submit ideas online to build the party’s platform."

According to Nystrom, Ron Paul supporters answered the call—and answered and answered and answered…

What the GOP received was many pages of recommendations that the party platform be amended to call for the dismantling of the Federal Reserve.

Republicans in least four states, including Idaho and Alaska, have already amended their state party platforms to reflect their support of restoring gold and silver coin as the nation’s currency per the Constitution and repealing the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. Nystrom’s article indicates there is growing national interest in abolishing the Federal Reserve. At right is a model "sound money" resolution.

As banks fail, prices soar and the economy worsens, the subject of money will increasingly become a center topic of conversation. Though it is hard to believe, most people have never met "The Creature from Jeykll Island" and believe the Federal Reserve is a branch of government.

By getting the sound money proposal on the agenda at your county central committee or district Republican (or Democrat) meetings, developing a suitable meeting strategy and observing Roberts Rules of Order, you can discuss and debate the issue. Under the present circumstances, traditionally "mainstream" meeting attendees will be more open to suggestion than ever before. This is the greatest opportunity we will ever have to teach the nation’s most politically-active people about money and how the Federal Reserve System was created to transfer the wealth of a nation into the hands of international bankers via denominated pieces of green paper.

If enough Republicans (and Democrats) begin pushing to repeal the Federal Reserve Act at the county, district, state and federal levels, the "sound money" plank will be added to the 2008 platform at the Convention in Minneapolis. That would place the Republican Party at odds with its "presumptive nominee" John McCain.

As a caveat, the sound money platform amendment was approved at the Idaho Republican convention after a few minutes of debate by a 2/3 majority—and Ron Paul supporters comprised only about 1/4 of the delegates assembled.

WHEREAS the 2008 Idaho Republican State Convention called for the abolition of the Federal Reserve System and recognized the explicit power of Congress to issue currency with checks and balances restored; and

WHEREAS the return to a constitutional currency was codified as a plank of the Idaho State Republican Platform by a two-thirds floor vote; and

WHEREAS the Federal Reserve Bank, a private corporation, lacks meaningful checks, balances, controls, or public audits; and

WHEREAS the current economic crisis calls for urgent action to restore the value of our currency;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the ________ County Republican Central Committee calls for action by our elected officials on all levels of government to appropriately support the Sound Currency platform plank by educating, campaigning, initiating and supporting legislation, and, if necessary, call for a special session of the legislature to demand that Congress fulfill its constitutional obligation to the state of Idaho concerning gold and silver tender in payment of debt.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the _______ County Republican Central Committee will seek out and support Republican candidates, who support and uphold the Idaho Republican Party Platform, Adopted June 14, 2008.

[Note: A slightly simpler version of the above resolution was passed enthusiastically in Idaho Republican District 2 July 19. Senator Joyce Broadsword tried to convince the district that it was not appropiate or relevant, but the body assembled, most of whom are not (yet) Ron Paul Republicans, just ignored her].