From the September 2008 Idaho Observer:

Government, pharma meet annually to discuss medical "compliance"

The logo at the left is not a satire—it’s posted to the 9th Annual Pharmaceutical Regulatory and Compliance Congress and Best Practices Forum website. Critics of "organized medicine" claim modern healthcare is an unholy alliance between greed-driven drug producers and insurance companies, graft-taking legislators and government regulators, grant-dependent medical schools, overhead-burdened physicians and hospital administrators, interest-conflicted scientific research institutions—and their attorneys. The logo for this annual conference contains a symbol for every criticism: The balance of modern medicine is money against science and the amount of drugs that can be manufactured and poured into patients through hospitals and HMOs. By making certain medical procedures—such as vaccinations, hospital births and batteries of tests and diagnoses-dependent treatments—mandatory, the scales can be tipped in favor of money.