From the October 2008 Idaho Observer:

Men in Suits

While the people are being entertained, they are not vigilant about their freedom. As we watch TV and play games, the myriad fascist agencies of government grow stronger.

Every new legislative session brings new laws and post-9/11 security provisions to which Americans (some happily and others grudgingly) will acquiesce, believing they are patriotic for doing so. Few Americans pause to question the idiotic laws which they abide. If they did, they would see the evident evils tangled with the legislators’ reasons for the passing of them.

Laws are not intended for the elitists, but rather for the poor and middle classes daring to reach for the golden ring. These laws are implemented to ensure that the lower classes are hindered in their attempts to obtain wealth of their own. Consider this: There are no "crimes" among the elites; they can commit genocide, rape resources, destroy entire cities, displace entire populations and poison the planet but you and I must stay within the white lines when crossing the street.

The more laws laid across the land, the higher the percentage of citizens who will stumble innocently into violation, thus tainting their otherwise sound public image and social worth. Every new law takes privilege and power from one man and distributes it to another. If society adheres well with a new law, the legislators will then deem it too precise and, therefore, renovate the same law in a more ambiguous design to deliberately cause the citizens to trip into violation. These arbitrary measures prove a success in the sense that society often refuses to investigate the complexities surrounding the modified law in question. Most, in fact, believe that only lawyers are qualified to interpret laws.

It is not possible to walk about a quarry and avoid stepping upon a rock; it is equally impossible to walk about society and not tread upon one law rooted to many more beneath, thus enhancing the criminality of the infraction to a higher penalty bracket. The single law may be in plain sight, but those from which it stems will cry the loudest when the footfall trespasses upon their limits. Instantly, we become criminals.

So what can be done?

Believe it or not, those who are serving time and have faced the justice industry hold the answers. They have witnessed first hand the inadequacies and injustice of the courts. Ironically, that places the experienced—the convicted and incarcerated—on the frontlines of protecting everyone’s freedom because they watched how theirs was stolen.

These caged men and women have also observed that most jurors are ignorant of their own rights and responsibilities and, in effect, serve as prosecutorial pawns seated to rubber stamp convictions. Jurors, as with most citizens, trust the "Men in Suits" to handle intricate legal affairs for them.

Again, by criminalizing the poor and middle classes, the elite maintain their stronghold over political sway while also maintaining their slave forces which made them elitists to begin with. The elitist men in suits do not ask lawmakers to create laws, by which they may stumble, but only laws for the ignorant social classes beneath them. With every felony conviction another citizen becomes disarmed and disenfranchised as a voter—the exact result sought by the Men in Suits.

Question every law, and when you find something amiss, share it with others. Only by crawling out of the swamp of our cultural complacency can we eliminate the Men in Suit’s ultimate weapon: Our ignorance.

Darrell Darling

Dilley, Texas