From the April 2009 Idaho Observer:

Record numbers come out for TEA party protests

The TEA (Taxed Enough Already) party in Olympia, WA, was held at the state capitol. An estimated 5,000 attended and the event received excellent regional media coverage.



Out of 764 newspapers across the country, about 90 percent of them front-paged their local TEA parties. What was most telling is the large mainstream daily newspapers that did not front page their local well-attended TEA parties. The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune (and other local Chicago papers), The Times Picayune (New Orleans), The Boston Globe, The New York Times (and other New York City papers) - even though Newt Gingrich had a very large rally in New York City that was shown on Fox News. This should tell us exactly why many mainstream newspapers are dying and just how agenda driven they are.

While the "official" number of people who came out to 2,048 TEA parties nationwide is about 689,098 we heard from friends and subscribers of amazing levels of attendance in various pockets of the nation:

St. Louis, Missouri – 7,000 ;

Kansas City, Missouri – 4,000 ;

Oklahoma City & Tulsa – 8,000 ;

Boise, Idaho – 3,000

Spokane, Washington – 5,000;

Olympia, Washington – 5,000

Madison, Wisconsin – 7,000 ;

Houston, Texas – 11,500 ;

Sacramento, Calif. – 10,000 ;

Chicago – 5,000 ;

New York City – 12,500.

Fred Marshell gleaned the following from Rusty Humphries, a radio show host from Modesto, CA, who has a three-hour syndicated program. He spent April 15th fielding TEA party calls from across the country. One caller described a child holding a sign that read "I’m 6 years old and the government has assigned $65,000 of debt to me already."

Another caller said that one of the speakers had asked for a show of hands of people who were attending their first public protest event ever in their lives. The response was about 90 percent. That question had been asked at several of the events and the responses were all similar.

The common thread that ran through all the events (represented by callers) was that all the gatherings were orderly, there was no violence or disrupting forces present, there was no trash left afterwards (guess everyone has seen the mess left after the Obama coronation) and all participants were tastefully dressed, respectful, organized and quite decent in both their appearance and behavior.

While many people saw the April 15, Glenn Beck-inspired TEA parties as a well-organized and funded exercise in controlled opposition, thousands of truly patriotic Americans decided to take this opportunity to the next level – informing their fellow countrymen of just how dire of straights our country and her people are in. Many of our friends and subscribers shared flyers, pamphlets and newspapers while letting TEA party attendees know that Committees of Safety are forming locally. Our editor, Don Harkins, was asked to host our local Priest River TEA party and found the majority of local protesters keenly interested in joining up with, being inspired when Don told the crowd of the record numbers of active and retired military and police who are renewing their oath to defend and uphold the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the land—and the 10 things THEY WILL NOT DO TO AMERICANS DURING A STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY.

We heard from countless other subscribers tell of well-attended events that broke from the "controlled-opposition" nature of the TEA party’s sponsors. Since our collective experiences were all positive, we have been encouraged to make every 15th of the month a day of community gathering, raising awareness and acting together for the greater good. For those who have access to the internet, go to

After the TEA party


1. DON’T BUY!!! NO SHOPPING ON THE 15TH!!! Plan on keeping Your money in Your pocket! Prepare ahead of time by shopping for all you need, including prescriptions. If you must shop, support small local businesses!

2. DON’T COMPLY!!! REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THE SYSTEM! Stock up on food and medical supplies! Remove money from bank accounts and stock markets! Buy Gold and Silver!

3. ASK "WHY?"!!! CALL CONGRESS! Call your representatives, congressmen, senators, local politicians, the speaker of the house, the FDA, and any government official you feel needs to hear what you have to say... Call Congress at (202) 225-3121 Give them your zip code, and they’ll transfer your call.

• Why isn’t Congress minting our money since the Constitution gave it the Legislative Power to COIN MONEY AND REGULATE THE VALUE THEREOF and Without DEBT?

• WHY are our representatives allowed to take money from special interest groups and lobbyists? Which lobbyists have paid you, and for what?

• Our Constitution grants us the power to HOLD OUR GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE AND REDRESS OUR NOW NUMEROUS GRIEVANCES, including foreign policy, gun control, illegal immigration, Rendition, Agenda 21, the North American Union & Trans Texas Highway, & Freedom of Speech. Where do you stand on these issues?

• DID YOU read the entire 324 page Patriot Act before voting for it? HAVE YOU EVER READ IT?

• WHY are DRUG COMPANIES and CORPORATIONS giving money to the FDA, who is supposed to monitoring them? WHO is the FDA really working for?

• We now have known carcinogens in our daily food and EVERYWHERE on our shelves. Aspartame, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, red and yellow dyes, chemicals found in rat poison, fluoride, in our toothpaste and now in our water; genetically altered, untested, unlabeled and cloned foods can also be found on our shelves; the military is loading our breathing mixture with toxins such as barium, arsenic, aluminum oxide, fiberglass and plastics and more during incessant domestic pilot training exercises. Why have you allowed THIS ONGOING POISONING OF AMERICANS?

• WHY are FEMA Camps being built across our nation?

• WHY are you merging the police with the military and why are police tactics now so brutal? Now we need protection from them! Why is that?

• WHY are so many COFFINS stored in Georgia near the Center for Disease control?

• Why are you not holding Bush, Cheney, and their administration accountable for war crimes?

• WHY is the government wanting to restrict MY vitamin, supplement, and food choices with "Codex Alimentarius?" Have you personally researched it? Is it not MY RIGHT to decide what to put into MY BODY?

• WHY are WE CHARGED for the unethical gambling done by Wall Street??


• WHY is Monsanto forcing our farmers to add toxic chemicals to their crops?

• WHY did you give yourselves a $4,100 raise, when you are NOT REPRESENTING OUR INTERESTS, but those of PRIVATE BANKERS?

• Why are you wanting to mandate and force us to take vaccinations, when some of the ingredients are toxic??

• HOW can we be FREE, when you’ve allowed us to become THE LARGEST DEBTOR NATION IN HISTORY?