From the May 2009 Idaho Observer:

Inventory Control Management

By Hari Heath

Blue lights are flashing in your rear view mirror; a highwayman seeks to attach his business to your affairs. You are being pulled over, targeted for a compliance action with the mandates of the highwayman’s employer—the STATE. "Can I see your license, registration and proof of insurance?" is his first question.

Did you cross the fog line? Worse yet, the centerline? Were you traveling over the "speed limit?" Do you have a light out? These are not crimes, merely "infractions." A breach of the STATE Code.

A crime consists of one or more people violating the life, liberty or property of another person. A lawful society can organize for self-defense against such crimes by hiring policemen to come to their defense when called. But that is not the case here. You haven’t violated anyone and no one has made a complaint. An entirely different regime is operating today.

The highwayman wants to see your "license" to ascertain that you have subscribed to and become properly enfranchised by, and therefore subject to, his employer, the STATE. The request for registration is to confirm that the ownership of the vehicle you are driving has been properly transferred to the STATE. "Proof of insurance" ensures that you are exercising financial responsibility when operating STATE owned property on STATE roadways.

We can truthfully claim that the highwayman is a revenuer, a plunderer, a violator of his oath of office and an enforcer of fraud. But ultimately he is an "inventory control manager." YOU, "your" vehicle and much of your other property have been placed in the inventory of the STATE, which has a vested interest in the proper management of its property.

Fraudulent conversion?

With stealth and treachery, fraudulent inculcations and false mandates to subscribe to the STATE’s administrative dictatorship, YOU have tacitly become a property interest of the STATE. The mechanisms to maintain such bondage are the various STATE license, permit and regulation schemes. By application and signature, you have consented to the STATE’s feudal dominion of administrative fascism.

"Your" vehicle has also been converted to a property interest of the STATE. In a complex scheme using administrative regulations, statute "law" and the Uniform Commercial Code, the STATE has become the "holder in due course" to the "title" of "your" vehicle.

Administrative fascism

This is what they have done with "your" automobile. Some similar, contra-constitutional, fraudulent conversion of YOU, your Liberties and your property has already occurred, right under your nose. Every valuable component of your life is being administered. An ambitious army of administrators is seeking more opportunities to impose their inventory management controls. As technology and STATE "spending" increase (including the federal STATE), the usurpation and intrusion of the administrative fascists increases proportionately.

Why? After several generations in the Fabian socialists’ "public" school system and countless hours parked in front of the tube, we have learned to beg for more inventory management control from the administrative fascists. We want a driver’s license. We might even pay extra for personalized plates. We need insurance, don’t we? These have become our collective belief structure, but what is the administrative underlay to these structures?

The "title" trick

A simplified explanation of Idaho’s vehicle "title" scheme is as follows:

The Idaho Transportation Department has promulgated administrative rules, which compel manufacturers, distributors, dealers and even the salesman on the lot to be licensed. With control of the seller, the STATE furthers their scheme with more administrative rules requiring new vehicles sold in Idaho to have their "title" applications accompanied by a manufacturer’s certificate of origin (MCO). The MCO is a very complex document that must accompany the new vehicle when delivered to the dealer. Since the STATE will end up holding this real "title" to the vehicle, the rules demand many details and security features to ensure its authenticity.

After the STATE compels its licensed dealer to surrender this real title (the MCO) to the STATE, the conversion proceeds with the issuance of a "Certificate of Title." The trick here is in the verbiage. YOU get issued a "Certificate of Title" while the STATE keeps the title—the MCO. A "Certificate of" is only a certificate of, not the title. Most people mistakenly think that the Certificate of Title is the "title."

With this fraudulent conversion process completed, the Transportation Department becomes a "holder in due course," of the title, conveying primary interest in the car to the STATE under Uniform Commercial Code. (For a detailed description of this process see Grand Theft Auto (The IO, March 2001).

Conditional use permit?

Your certificate of title and registration are essentially a conditional use permit which mandates your compliance with all laws and rules governing the use of the now STATE-owned property.

Was the highwayman wrong? The license plate told him the car and its driver were his employer’s property. The registration confirmed it. He is just doing inventory control management better than you are—now that YOU and "your" car are a property interest of the STATE.

Do you own it?

Similar fraudulent conversions of real property can be found since the suppression of allodial title and the imposition of the property tax scheme. In order to pay for the Fabian socialists’ dream of a "public" school system and other "services" in the socialist era, real property has been converted from absolute ownership to an equity interest through various "colored" titles—subject to tax—the other regulator.

We could do the research, organize the details and publish volumes on the fraudulent conversion of real property in America, but let’s just observe a few simple details:

When real property is purchased a "colored" (statutory, warranty, quit claim, etc.) deed is usually recorded in the recorder’s office in the county, establishing a record of an equity interest by the new "purchaser" or "renter." The county assessor takes an even greater interest, assessing the value of the property and any appurtenances thereto. The county treasurer takes over from there, sending regular billing for taxes due to the "renter-purchaser."

What happens if you get behind in your "rent," i.e., STATE taxes for several years? You get evicted. The property gets seized and sold. A new "owner" appears to take over the "rent" payments.

Who owns your property? If the taxing entities have a superior interest in the property, superceding your right to it, do you own it? YOU are just a renter and county government is an inventory management control system!

An even greater tragedy is occurring in this land with great frequency. It has been happening for decades, but with the advent of the recent banker take over of the government, it has become epidemic: Foreclosures are at an all time high. It’s not just bad loans in default that are being foreclosed upon. People who are current in their payments are having their loans called, based on reduced property valuation, requiring them to pay in full or lose "their" property. Banks own the government. Government owns the property. People have become the property of the government. People are now counted last in the inventory control and management equation—a sad, but observable fact of these times.

First things first

The census is a confusing subject. First of all the constitution doesn’t call for a census; it calls for an "enumeration" of persons to apportion representatives and direct taxes (Article 1, Section 2). According to David Deschesne of the Fort Fairfield Journal, "The term ‘Census’ is Latin for ‘to appraise or to assess a value thereon.’ In Roman history it was a "registration or count of citizens and their property to determine taxation."

The government is spending $700 million, hiring an army of 140,000 workers (starting wage $11.75/hr.), to be sent hither and collect GPS readings for every front door in the nation. This is not an enumeration of persons; this is a GPS tracking of property, a year in advance of the actual 2010 census.

The present day "census" or appraisal of people and their property for purposes of taxation has gone way beyond the constitutional call for enumeration. Deschesne’s article, Census Workers Now Engaging in Unlawful Activity provides some additional history of our census:

"In 1903, the Bureau of Census—now functioning as a de facto ‘Bureau of Appraisals’—was absorbed by the newly created Department of Commerce and Labor, which was later separated into two separate departments. The Bureau of Census (Appraisals) was reorganized in 1950 and remains in the Commerce Department to this day.

"Congress created the Bureau of Census (Appraisals) to begin the laborious task of cataloging, serial numbering and tracking the value of all personal and business property in the United States, as well as the humans therein for the purposes of appraising their value and preparing them for use as collateral against the nation’s debt under a proposed fiat debt money scheme to be implemented later on in 1913.

"Ten years after its inception, the Department of Commerce was restructured as a stand-alone entity separating Labor into its own Department (15 USC 1501). The private, for-profit corporation, known as the Federal Reserve System was formed in the same year as the restructuring of the Department of Commerce. Under the new Federal Reserve System’s plan, all new money would be brought into existence via loans to the government and citizens. The Bureau of Census (Appraisals), as a division of the Department of Commerce, is charged with keeping track of the number of human chattels whose labor is pledged against the national debt via the Federal income tax. The Bureau of Census (Appraisals) also appraises and keeps track of manufacturers, mineral industries, distributive trades, construction industries, agriculture, religious organizations and transportation. All towns, cities, and municipalities are required to annually submit a report of all new construction, multi-family units, new businesses, and any losses to the Bureau of Census (Appraisals) for the purposes of keeping a current valuation of all property in the United States."

What is going on here?

The constitutional "enumeration" of persons has been converted into the contra-constitutional "census" for over a century. With the advent of technology, inventory control management has reached a new level. The aforementioned army of 140,000 subsistence wage "census" workers are advancing upon the front door of every home in America to inventory the GPS coordinates. This is only the advance guard to establish the GPS data. The "census" begins next year.

Who are these people and what are they really doing?

Why does the 2010 census worker need GPS coordinates if the 2009 census worker found the place without GPS coordinates?

What kind of database will all this information go into?

Who will be able to access it?

Will it enhance the monitoring of the public by covert agencies?

Can any agency use it to expand its regulatory operations?

What private sector entities will have access to every home’s GPS coordinates?

Why the hurry? Couldn’t this be part of next year’s census? What do they have planned?

Quashing dissent?

Confiscating firearms?

Imposing quarantines for alleged "pandemics?"

Guiding foreign troops "by the numbers" to overcome language barriers and avoid maps and road signs?

Satellite surveillance of every home in America by "Homeland Security?"

GPS target painting for missile strikes and drone aircraft? (The U.S. Air Force estimates half of their aircraft will be remotely piloted UAVs by 2010).

IBM at it again

IBM Global Business Services was awarded a nine-year, $89.5 million contract, "to provide data tabulation and dissemination services in support of the 2010 Census Decennial Response Integration System (DRIS) program." They are also a subcontractor to Lockheed Martin for the 2010 data collection contract. IBM goes back a long ways with the census. German inventor Herman Hollerith founded IBM in 1898 after developing the tabulating system for the 1890 U.S. Census.

IBM also provided the technical and tabulation systems for the German Nazis’ census and registration programs in the years prior to and during World War II. IBM helped make "your papers please" fascism possible and developed a census that tracked families, their race and religion back several generations, making it easier for the Nazis to round up the undesirables.

Lockheed Martin, arguably the largest defense contractor in the military-industrial complex, is also the big winner of a 2010 data collection contract. A veritable army of subcontractors is lined up to process all the "confidential information" which Americans will be coerced into divulging. This army of subcontactors include: BAE Systems, ESRI, Space-Time Research, SAS, M-Cubed, Roundarch, Dataline, FWG, Measurable Results, RCM, PKW, Fenestra and Acumen Solutions.

Primavera, et. al

Primavera is the software being used by the Census Bureau to coordinate (and develop coordinates) for the 2010 census. Excerpts from Primavera’s website ( include:

"The U.S. Census Bureau does more than count people once every 10 years. As ‘the leading source of quality data about the nation’s people and economy,’ the bureau collects and processes information year-round. Much of that information relies on classification of data coordinated through the Geography Division of the Census Bureau.

"The Geography Division creates, delivers, and updates reference files, digital and paper maps, address lists, and so on for divisions within the bureau, as well as for other government organizations.

"To manage the provision of such geographic information, the Geography Division’s federal employees and 108 contractors must deal with schedules, requirements, risks and other planning tasks. That level of coordination requires technology with robust project management capabilities, which the Geography Division has found in Primavera software."

Primavera is a Project Portfolio Management software company based in Pennsylvania and London, England, with more than 450,000 users—the current global market leader by market share. Oracle Corporation took legal ownership of Primavera this year. Oracle ranked third among the largest software companies in the world, after Microsoft and IBM, in 2007, but now it has since surpassed IBM. Last month, Oracle announced it was acquiring Sun Microsystems for $7.4 billion. Sun Microsystems is a multinational vendor of computers and computer components, including servers, workstations, processors and storage systems. It also offers computer software, information technology services, web infrastructure software, identity management applications and the Java platform.

The military-industrial complex players have merged with the survivors of the "dot com era" to work "under contract" with the Census Bureau—the amalgamated masters of inventory management and control.

But who is running the show? Is the real operation here a ploy by the military contractors to use the census as a front to gather more high tech intel on the American people—and get paid for it? But wait, the plot thickens.

Who is behind the GPSing of America?

In 2004, the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) published a paper, the Integration of GPS, Digital Imagery and GIS with Census Mapping, which states in pertinent parts:

"This paper outlines some developments in satellite imagery, GPS and GIS with reference to census mapping activities, and provides some insight on the similarities between a geographic information process and a census mapping process, therefore, it urges for the integration of these geospatial technologies within the census mapping process. It suggests some future actions to undertake in order to help kick-start the development of this field in developing countries."

"The future of satellite positioning system looks promising, particularly with the new system under construction, Galileo, the European system dedicated to civil activities."

"The geographic information process consists of three stages: data acquisition, data processing and data dissemination. Geospatial technologies are spanning through these three stages: GPS and satellite imagery, among others, are useful tools for geographic data collection; GIS have demonstrated their powerful capacities to enable data integration, analysis, display and dissemination. Hence, remote sensing techniques, GPS and GIS have become ubiquitous in developing policies for integrated management."

"Therefore, we advocate a paradigm shift from a traditional mapping approach, which is repeated for every census, to a digital census mapping approach, which is an up-to-date and a continuous approach."

"In order to achieve the above stated actions, workshops and technical advisory services would be required during the 2010 round of censuses. However, these actions should be part of a broad vision for the next decade. That’s why the UNSD is considering the establishment of a Group of Experts to reflect on these important issues of census mapping with GIS and formulate a plan, with the aim to lead the effort to transform census taking for the 2010 round of censuses, and usher in larger programs."

This September, 2004 report was only a primer of controllers’ plans. The UN’s Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific issued a November, 2007 report which, among many other things, stated, "The private sector uses data from a population and housing census for many purposes, including estimating consumer demand and determining the location of retail units, The 2010 census round (2005-2014) offers the single most important opportunity for improving the availability and quality of data required for monitoring the Millennium Development Goals and targets. A number of Goal indicators come directly from the population and housing census. In addition, the census provides reference populations for a large number of other Goal indicators."

Aren’t we glad to be a "reference population" for UN "Goal indicators?"

The United Nations Millennium Declaration, signed in September, 2000, provides eight goals:

• Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger;

• Achieve universal primary education;

• Promote gender equality and empower women;

• Reduce child mortality;

• Improve maternal health;

• Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases;

• Ensure environmental sustainability;

• Develop a global partnership for development.

These would be laudable goals if what they said were what they mean, but we must remember these words come from the born-again bureaucrats at the UN who were organized and empowered by the global elite who created many of these problems in the first place. They continue to strive for a world government which, if it ever comes to fruition, will deserve a new name—a Hypocracy—a government of false pretences, virtues and principles.

Will the UN develop a global partnership by imposing IMF, WTO and World Bank policies? Will it ensure environmental sustainability by closing family farms, as UN Agenda 21 promotes and moving indigenous peoples away from nature and natural resources for the betterment of corporate interests? Will the UN combat HIV/AIDS with a vaccination program similar to the one that brought AIDS to Africa in the first place?

This is the same organization that still has an active war zone in Korea more than 50 years later. Has Somalia been improved by UN intervention? Somalians now resort to open ocean piracy as a last-resort livelihood.

The UN/US "census" has grown way beyond constitutional "enumeration."

Saved by technology?

Perhaps our future is not as bleak as it might seem under a UN-mandated, GPS-tracked, military managed, cyberspace control grid "census." This blog, filed by "Geekery," tells a hopeful tale:

"It’s an unseasonably beautiful day here in Western Massachusetts, roughly 30 degrees fahrenheiht higher than it has any right to be and I was sitting on my front stoop reading when my local census enumerator showed up. We made pleasant small talk about the weather, the remoteness of my house, the challenges of locating houses in our rural area, and then got down to the good stuff—attempting to find my neighbors on her handheld device so she could ask them their correct mailing addresses.

"The device she had strapped to her hand was a Harris HTC, which looks either like the ugliest cellphone you’ve ever seen, or a Palm Pilot designed by the U.S. government. We scrolled through bad, inaccurate maps of the area, which looked like they’d been dumped from an early version of MapQuest, wondering how the ridgeline behind my house had magically been transformed into a navigable road and talked about the device.

"My enumerator was reasonably fond of her HTC—there were serious ergonomic problems, like a power button that tended to get inadvertently pressed when gripping the device, powering it off. And powering on isn’t exactly easy, given a multi-stage security process which requires a fingertip swipe, then a series of three security questions, answered by typing an on-screen keyboard with a stylus. But, all things considered, she was happy for a full-time job and enjoying the chance to drive around our county on a gorgeous day, attempting to correct government maps and to ensure we all get sent our paper censuses."

With technology like that we might be safe from GPS intrusion by UN troops and USAF missile strikes if we get a little too uppity. Here’s another glimmer of hope that this entire GPS census debacle might be for naught:

The United States Government Accountability Office (GAO), at the request of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, issued a report that the future of GPS and its maintenance and modernization efforts are facing challenges, stating, " is uncertain whether the Air Force will be able to acquire new satellites in time to maintain current GPS service without interruption. If not, some military operations and some civilian users could be adversely affected."

"In 2010, as old satellites begin to fail, the overall GPS constellation will fall below the number of satellites required to provide the level of GPS service that the U.S. government commits to."

"Military users will experience a delay in utilizing new GPS capabilities, including improved resistance to jamming of GPS signals, because of poor synchronization of the acquisition and development of the satellites with the ground control and user equipment. Finally, there are challenges in ensuring civilian requirements for GPS can be met and that GPS is compatible with other new, potentially competing global space-based positioning, navigation, and timing systems."

"The current IIF satellite program has overrun its original cost estimate by about $870 million and the launch of its first satellite has been delayed to November, 2009 — almost three years late."

"In addition to risks facing the acquisition of new GPS satellites, the Air Force has not been fully successful in synchronizing the acquisition and development of the next generation of GPS satellites with the ground control and user equipment, thereby delaying the ability of military users to fully utilize new GPS satellite capabilities."

Commercial airlines might have to change routes and schedules or use other technology. Enhanced-911 emergency calls may not be locatable. UAVs and precision-guided munitions could lose accuracy or become unusable. And worse, the 2010 census workers may not be able to find your front door with the 2009 GPS data!

American Community Survey

Some previous censuses had a short and long form with which to gather citizen data. The 2010 census will be a "short form only" census. The long form has been replaced with the American Community Survey (ACS). The ACS is sent to a small percentage of the population on a rotating basis every year, to provide more current data throughout the decade. Since 2005, "long form" data has been collected annually on the ACS.

The ACS has a very intrusive list of questions that Americans and foreigners on our soil are expected to answer. It is a very detailed "inventory" tool, which asks:

Your age and birth date;

If you are Hispanic, and if so, which of three types;

Your race or tribe;

Sixteen categories of family or other relationship;

Whether you own, rent, have a mortgage or live rent free;

How many live in the house;

A phone number;

Name of each person;

If you also stay somewhere else;

Marital status;

Whether you’ve given birth in the last 12 months;

History of grandparents as caregivers;


Place of birth, citizenship, year of entry;

Other language spoken at home;

Educational attainment/enrollment;

Residence one year ago;

Veteran status and years of service;


Income, including sources;

Food stamps;

Your labor force status;

Industry, occupation, class of worker;

Your place of work and commute;

Work status last year;

How many vehicles you own;

The age of your structure;

Units in/type of structure;

Years there;

Number of rooms;

Number of bedrooms;


Heating fuel;


Acreage structure is on;

Agricultural income;

If you have a business on the property;

Your property’s value;

Your rent;

Fuel/utilities cost;

Real estate taxes;

Home insurance;

Mortgage info;

Health insurance;

Marital history;

VA disability.

Intrusive enough? The ACS asks for a lot more inventory management control data than the constitutional "enumeration" would.

U.S. water?

Not content with merely knowing all the private details of your life, Congress now wants control over the substance of it—water. Last month Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) introduced Senate Bill 787 to bring "water" under the federal government’s control. The bill amends the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (33 U.S.C. 1362) adding a new definition for "WATERS OF THE UNITED STATES- The term `waters of the United States’ means all waters subject to the ebb and flow of the tide, the territorial seas, and all interstate and intrastate waters and their tributaries, including lakes, rivers, streams (including intermittent streams), mudflats, sandflats, wetlands, sloughs, prairie potholes, wet meadows, playa lakes, natural ponds, and all impoundments of the foregoing, to the fullest extent that these waters, or activities affecting these waters, are subject to the legislative power of Congress under the Constitution."

The bill has 24 co-sponsors who apparently don’t understand that the only "legislative power of Congress under the Constitution" regarding water is the power to maintain a navy and punish piracy, high crimes and misdemeanors on the seas.

By the magic of changing definitions, the Senate seeks to gain new control of all above ground water or activities affecting these waters "by striking ‘navigable waters of the United States’ each place it appears and inserting ‘waters of the United States.’" A federal sleight of hand trick to usurp the powers of the states or the rights of the people, respectively. More inventory, for the inventory management controllers.

The endless Sea of Fascism

The feds are trying to control all surface water, from the "territorial seas" to the last tributary on Pike’s Peak. Idaho has begun a program to GPS track water wells, already reduced by license to their "inventory."

RFID chips, initially designed for products in commerce, have found their way into the arsenal of administrative fascists. Some driver’s licenses and passports are "chipped." The NAIS program would like to chip all farm animals and reduce the family farm to a "premise," subscribed into "inventory." YOU could be next!

"Global warming" is the "problem" large enough to justify a world government "solution." The international administrative fascists are already inculcating the idea that "global warming deniers" are a threat that must be banned and punished as a crime—a threat to their global inventory management and control scheme.

This is only a small sampling of the ways the local, state, federal and would be international governments and their corporate partners seek to usurp and reduce everyone and everything to the status of inventory, suitable for their management and control. The list of activities the administrative fascists are currently engaged in is endless.

What will be our Ark, capable of surviving this great storm, welling on the Sea of Fascism?