From the June 2009 Idaho Observer:

The plan

The"antichrist-in-office" is glowing in full splendor. If something goes well, he gloats and if something goes bad he claims, "I inherited that problem."

And millions of people are mesmerized by this jerk?

I use this analogy: Don Harkins and I are buddies and we are at war. We are to attack Hill #642. Harkins is my captain so I follow him and our 20 men. Harkins is inept, but we follow anyway. We get our butts pinned down and canít get up the hill. But itís worseówe canít even retreat. Out of the ranks comes Private Gallahad. He hasnít any military experience, yet he talks a good game. We ask, "What should we do, Private Gallahad?"

"Make me a colonel and I will show you," he replied.

"What?" we asked.

"A plan, thatís what," Private Gallahad said.

"What?" we asked again.

"A change in action."


"Iíll be a colonel."

"Okay, you are a colonel, Gallahad. What now?"

"Iíll ask my advisors," said Colonel Gallahad.

"What?" we asked for the umpteenth time.

Colonel Gallahad then asked Lt. Coward, "What?"

"We will take all the bullets away from the privates," announced Lt. Coward.

"Okay. We will hold them," Colonel Gallahad said.

"Okay," we agreed, but not too sure why.

"Thatís it, then," said Colonel Gallahad.

"But the change, colonelówe must do something."

"Well, Captain Harkins got us into this mess."

"But the plan, you @#$%, Whatís the plan?"

The antichrist-in-office has no plan and had no plan except to be president. "They elected me. Thatís my plan; thatís my helicopteróI was the peopleís choice."

And millions of people are mesmerized.

Hal Parfait

Beaumont, Texas