Wisdom from Jesus on the Cross?

Here’s something I think is very important to publish. Especially for this period in time when so many are inclined to stand against tyranny, but where the Bible teaches otherwise. We’ve been DEFRAUDED for centuries on this:

I have in front of me copies from several Greek manuscripts and Greek interlinears showing that translators of the main Bibles for centuries deliberately falsified the text to its exact opposite by moving the word “not” over a few words. To wit:

We are taught that right before our Messiah breathed his last breath he said: “FATHER, FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO.” These manuscripts of old and interlinears state what he really said is “FATHER, FORGIVE THEM NOT, FOR THEY KNOW WHAT THEY DO.

I find that ASTOUNDING, that I’ve been reading the Bible well more than fifty years, and studying all surrounding it for decades and just learned this!

Sources - Stephanus 1550 N T Greek Manuscript J. P. Greek Interlinear LUQA (Literal Aramaic Translation) Others (Pastor David Renaers of Word of Truth Ministry, Loveland, CO)

Free Lazor
Delano, California