From the December 2009 Idaho Observer:

A Red Pill Newspaper

I want to thank The Idaho Observer for their dedication to getting the truth out. The truth, I might add, that few seem to want to hear.

Our country is going through momentous and troubling changes; State and Federal governments are taking personal property; the Federal government is using scare tactics to induce Americans to back a bailout for big banks, while the average American sees his hard earned dollar decreasing in value; both State and Federal laws are being passed that favor the few; capitalism is going downhill in favor of socialism, a system that has not nor ever will work.

Now our president wants you to believe that he has the answer: More government spending of your tax dollars will get you on solid footing. In the last hundred years all the money borrowed from the Federal Reserve hasn’t solved our problems. Why will it now?

The wonderful gift of freedom and independence our forefathers gave us is nearly gone. Piece by piece they have taken it, all under the illusion of security. If we’re so secure, why are there more and more police? Why are our soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Our citizens bow to every silver-tongued devil who promises them a little, while delivering nothing. When are people going to wake-up and take back the rights our forefathers fought for and control their destiny?

The writers of the articles in The I.O. are trying to educate the people, for which I thank them, because with enough ammunition we can discern the truth from all the lies and deceit we receive from our government and press. Education is the only thing that will save us.

If we can’t turn things around then I fear that the shedding of blood may be the only solution. A solution I pray never materializes, for all our sakes. My grandchildren deserve a better world than I may be able to leave them.

Keep up the good fight and I’ll keep carrying the message to anyone who will listen. Despite what many may think, not all is lost. In the words of a great American, “we have not yet begun to fight!”

Frederick Barboza
Airway Heights, WA

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