From the February 2010 Idaho Observer:

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) = Assassination

The facts are in; the investigation is over. Wallkill Journal Publisher Anthony Russo was shot down in the driveway on orders from the IRS. They used the infamous Anti-Defamation League for the hit. Over ten years ago, Russo went on nationwide television with Tony Potts, a FOX commentator. On this broadcast, Russo exposed the fraud the IRS has perpetuated on the American people. Prior to the show, a release had to be signed to hold harmless the FOX television network. Before the show, Tony Potts told Russo, “...I believe that you are an honest man, and I am asking you not to do this show.” Russo replied, “Won’t you get into trouble with the FOX network?” Tony Potts told Russo to “let him worry about that”. Russo said, “I need to do this for the American people.” Potts responded, “Mr. Russo, you are opening yourself up to a whole world of hurt.” Again, Potts appealed to Russo NOT to go on the nationwide broadcast. Russo replied, “About two hundred years ago, men that did not know me or my family took on the most powerful nation to give us this great country we live in today”; and the show went on. After the broadcast, Russo was contacted by a number of European networks for interviews. An Italian network came and made a telecast to be used on European news. What Russo stated for the World to know was that We the People in the Constitutional Republic are not commercially obligated to pay anything to this “private enterprise” masquerading as a Representative of the united States Republic.

If you filed a 1040 form, that’s where you gave them the Authorization to charge you. All you have to do is send them (the IRS) a letter (certified return receipt) telling them that you cancel any and all contracts (1040 is a contract) with them. What you are saying to the IRS is you no longer want to do business with them unless they provide you with a “true bill of commerce” showing all the goods and services they have provided to you, and backed up with an affidavit attesting to the same. The letter will be your proof that you tried to do bonafide commercial business. You will never hear from them again. This is what Russo told the American people. He must be right or they would not have tried to kill him. Instead they trumped up some phoney charges and put him in jail for 14 years. Russo is now 65 years old. Unless We the People do something about this, he will die in prison. He stood up for us; let’s stand up for him.

Please write him directly for how you can get involved releasing Russo from prison:

Anthony Russo DIN:05A5228
Bare Hill Corr. Facility
181 Brand Rd., Caller Box 20
Malone, NY 12953

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