From the March 2010 Idaho Observer:

Capitalism vs. Communism: Clarification please!

As a recent and unacquainted observer concerning political affairs, many aspects involving global domination, Communism, and secret societies with hidden agendas still seem foreign to my powers of perception. I witness the exact situation with those I regularly communicate with. A simple explanation is a rarity and the hunt to locate answers, consuming. I plead for assistance.

I embarked on a quest to study Karl Marx’s “Communist manifesto”, but had to abandon the endeavor as a result of the complications interpreting the terminology. In short, it was overwhelmingly confusing.

What I’ve gathered over the last year of personal examination is that Capitalism and Communism are unalike, and, in fact, the latter is supposedly wicked, corrupt, detrimental, and non-constructive. Capitalism is a system that allows for individuals to prosper without regulation, within their capabilities respectively. Communism, on the other hand, is a system of production and distribution controlled by the State, where there exists yielding of ownership and equality. My understanding may require adjustment.

Does Capitalism, with its free market and often greedy ruling elite, contribute to the imbalance between social classes? The rich and the poor? Does Communism not offer to support the entirety, thus a constant middle class? I, therefore, discover myself favoring a system (Communism) that I’ve been learning to detest. I feel guilty with my lack of accurate knowledge and political guidance.

As an incarcerated truth seeker and supporter of free speech with practically no funds to acquire informative books, but still an unquenchable appetite for answers, I invite any literature that will raise my awareness. Used books, pamphlets, even letters so that I may correspond are warmly welcome and actually requested. I am a sincere but unfortunate researcher, for the time being. Kindly contribute to the cause. Activism produces dividends.

Shaun Goodall #06A5123
Bare Hill Correctional Facility
Caller Box 20, 181 Brand Road
Malone, New York 12953

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