Autism: Made in USA + Vaccine Nation

by Gary Null, Ph.D
In Autism: Made In The USA, you will discover the myriad of potential causes to autism including prenatal exposures, environmental factors, some children’s inability to excrete heavy metals, diets of processed foods containing excitotoxins and weakened childhood immune systems. Viewers will also see the success stories of children who have recovered from autism through biomedical treatments that include diet, vitamin supplements, homeopathy and detoxification therapies.
In Vaccine Nation, you will find out that vaccines are directly linked to autoimmune diseases, epidemic cancers and the unprecedented increase in neurological and developmental disorders in children such as ADHD and autism. You will also learn about the incestuous relationship between vaccine manufacturers, government regulators, and our National Immunization Program policy makers. Did you know that children who follow the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule receive a whopping 33 injections containing 112 vaccine antigens? According to the U.S. Dept. of Education statistics for 2008, autism affects 1 in every 67 school-aged children, and exponential increase that coincides with the exponential increase in the number of vaccines given to children.

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