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Are you interested in:

* Living in a community where your values have the best chance of being respected by politicians, judges, police and others who have the power to threaten you
* Having neighbors that share your values
* Efforts to regain or increase local or individual sovereignty
* Enjoying the highest possible quality of life
* Knowing what your best options are in deciding where to live, work and travel
* Knowing what areas to avoid

If so, then you have come to the right place!

PURPOSES of our discussion:

* Collecting information about specific localities (nation, state, county, city), as related to quality of life issues in general and particularly concerning the levels of individual liberty and local sovereignty which may be enjoyed in any given place.

* Determining what KIND of information will best measure the qualities we are interested in and where and how to obtain that information.

* Determining how best to PRESERVE quality of life in any given locality and prevent abuses of power - but only as this question relates to a consideration of what kind of information will best enable us to choose the best place to live.

PREMISES of our discussion:

* Long term happiness and progress results when individuals are free to make mistakes and thereby learn from their own experience what is true and false; right and wrong.

* Coercion and fraud is morally wrong.

* The right to secede from any level of government is an unalienable right.

* A high level of collective happiness can be achieved when individuals have good information on which to base their actions and are completely free to act according to their own values as long as their actions do not harm others in a tangible way.

* Access to information about the conditions prevailing in different localities can, over time, result in a happier, more productive and more peaceful world.

This list is open to people of all political persuasions and value-systems - even those who disagree with the above stated premises. However, discussion of the merits of any value-system or philosophy are NOT the subject of this list.

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