Organized medicine has already decided our fate: We will die slowly, painfully and expensively from heart disease, cancer, or some other chronic condition. The Idaho Observer, in cooperation with Advanced Scientific Health (ASH), has published a 16-page introduction to the world of orthomolecular nutrition. The work of Nobel Prize winners Dr. Otto Warburg and Dr. Linus Pauling and Drs. Keith Brewer, Fred Klenner is largely unknown to the public yet these men discovered decades ago how to reverse chronic illness—easily and inexpensively—with vitamins and minerals. If it is not your desire to await a diagnosis of chronic illness and medical bankruptcy, then learn how your body works by reading Advanced Scientific Health—Your Guide to Elemental Healthcare. Discover why your body gets sick and what it needs to heal. After reading this guide, death from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, MS, Parkinsons (or some other chronic illness) becomes our choice—not our fate. Click on the link below to download the .pdf version of Advanced Scientific Health—Your Guide to Elemental Healthcare for free. Encourage everyone you know to download and print this guide. If you are encouraged by what you read and want to help us inform people about the life-saving benefits of orthomolecular nutrition, order quantities of the hardcopy edition and give them to your friends and family members.

Advanced Scientific Health—Your Guide to Elemental Healthcare
Sample copies — $2 each
10-24 copies — $1 each
25-49 copies — $.75 each
50 copies — $30
100 copies — $40