Smallpox Alert!

Alarmed that the Bush administration had purchased a dose of smallpox vaccine for every American man, woman and child, The Idaho Observer, in cooperation with Vaccination Liberation, published the eight-page, tabloid-sized newspaper Smallpox Alert! Activists throughout the country were directed to place a copy of Smallpox Alert! in the hands of public health officials, county commissions, EMTs and others in their community who would be instrumental in implementing their stateís smallpox plan. After 75,000 were disseminated in 2003, many front line activists have credited Smallpox Alert! for its role in putting a halt to the mass smallpox vaccination plans that were going forward very quickly at that time.

Since the days of Edward Jenner in the late 1700s, smallpox inoculation has been a public health failure with the vaccine itself contributing to epidemics of smallpox worldwide. Smallpox Alert! covers the history of smallpox vaccination from Jennerís flawed 18th century science to the false 1981 declaration by the World Health Organization that smallpox no longer exists in the world. Without knowing the true history of smallpox, our people are vulnerable to the current threat (hype) that terrorists are planning to release "weaponized" smallpox in the U.S. and a smallpox vaccine is our only salvation.

Smallpox Alert! is out of print at this time. However, the text is available at

The federal government has been preparing to mass vaccinate Americans since 1973 and is beginning to promote its mass smallpox vaccination agenda again. The Idaho Observer will consider reprinting Smallpox Alert! in booklet form if enough people pledge in advance their willingness to help disseminate this mass-smallpox-vaccination-stopping information

If you are interested in obtaining copies of Smallpox Alert! email your thoughts to us and the quantity you would consider purchasing. If timing and interest are right, together we will once again stop government and organized medicine from mass vaccinating the entire nation with an experimental smallpox vaccine and, therefore, prevent the administration of what would inevitably be the largest public health disaster in world history.