Citizens Against Corruption
P.O. Box 9
Priest River, ID 83856

What is the CAC?

Citizens Against Corruption is a non-profit association registered in the State of Idaho.

The CAC is a group of citizens dedicated to justice and equality through lawful peaceful means.

We are not "right wing." We are not "left wing." We are ordinary working Americans.

We are a group ranging in age from 15 to 86.

We have gathered all our knowledge together to fight for justice against a corrupt system. We pursue dismissal of criminal charges and civil claims against individuals when these charges are not founded in law, equity or fact.

We have had many cases dismissed without attorneys due to the fact that defense attorneys, and especially public defenders, rarely ask for dismissals on the basis of charges being frivolous and/or unconstitutional.

We operate on free will offerings and donations. We do not solicit for money. We do not offer legal advice. We have worked together to provide our members with public information and copies of paper work from cases in which we have prevailed. We have found that proper paperwork, and proper procedure in presenting that paperwork to the court system, has had great success in obtaining dismissals in both criminal and civil suits.

Suggested donations or offerings are calculated to cover only the preparation and distribution expenses of materials.

CAC Membership: A $50 free-will donation includes membership in the CAC and a subscription to The Idaho Observer.

Citizens Defense Packet: For a free-will donation of $50 you will receive a Citizens Defense Packet. We have duplicated our positive experiences in court to develop notices, demands and motions for use in criminal and civil cases. We have prepared an audiotape describing how these notices, demands and motions have been used successfully.

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