From the July 1998 Idaho Observer:

Ex-Joint Chief Staffer Warns of Federal Tyranny

by P.J. Morgan

A distinguished, retired military officer, winner of the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart, kept an audience of several hundred people on the edge of their seats in Spokane last month. Speaking at the Cavanaugh Inn was Al Cuppett, a Department of Defense veteran who spent six years on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Cuppett presented electrifying documentation that the U.S. Constitution can be now suspended without notice. Cuppett discussed horrific executive orders in the federal registry which authorize government to ignore the Bill of Rights, round up politically incorrect civilians for incarceration in labor camps and impose military dictatorship with the help of foreign troops.

Cuppett said the framework of a totalitarian government has been created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and its military adjunct under guise of disaster preparedness. Cuppett noted that in 1994, Clinton signed E.O. 12919 which authorizes FEMA and the National Security Council to seize control of the nation under a state of emergency during which Americans could be stripped of both their rights and their property.

FEMA itself is a creature of executive order. It was created by Trilateral Commission member James Earl Carter through E.O.12148. Sometimes known as "Flood and Mud," FEMA is usually billed as a benign federal agency dedicated to disaster assistance. During Hurricane Andrew, however, FEMA dropped the ball. The agency did such a poor job in that crisis that Congress was forced to investigate. The reason why, said Cuppett, is that disaster assistance is only a front. In fact, a Congressional investigation revealed that only about ten percent of FEMA personnel are engaged in disaster relief projects. According to Cuppett, FEMA is part of the framework of a sinister governing apparatus created to supplant the Constitution during a real or contrived crisis.

Cuppett reported that there are heavily fortified FEMA bases all over the country. He said the government's secondary use of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was a practice exercises for FEMA. He noted that military aircraft was deployed continuously in and out of FEMA bases on the night of the bombing.

Cuppett reminded his audience that nearly forty years ago the U.S. State Department published a master plan for an authoritarian dictatorship. Published as official government policy, State Department Publication 7277 is Titled, Freedom From War -- The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World. This document states that the United Nations is slated to become an "unchallengeable" military force. It states that as the U.N. builds a global military machine capable of enforcing the "peace" on all mankind:

-- the U.S. military must be completely dismantled

-- all U.S. citizens must be disarmed

-- all U.S. weapons must be surrendered to the U.N. military apparatus

-- an armed internal police apparatus, subservient to the U.N., must keep the "peace" in USA

Once consummated, the plan outlined by State Department Publication 7277 will put a drastic end to the sovereign Republic established by our Founders two hundred years ago. It basically terminates the Constitution and supplants our system of checks and balances with a fearsome military dictatorship to be operated by nameless, faceless, non-elected international bureaucrats.

Cuppett said that elements of 7277 are rapidly being implemented by the Clinton Administration. The nationwide closing of American defensive military installations and the deployment of American troops and National Guard personnel abroad are all part of the 7277 masterplan.

A local woman in the audience reported that area reservists have just received notice they will be shipped out to Bosnia. Cuppett noted that international enforcement exchanges are not just confined to military personnel. American police officers are being offered $85,000 to transfer to Bosnia. Meantime, he said, foreign troops and police personnel are being implanted here under such programs as Partnership for Peace, Project Harmony and other bizarre enforcement exchange programs.

Under an unchallengeable United Nations dictatorship envisioned by 7277, FEMA is apparently slated to become the brains of America's radical transformation. According to Cuppett, military forces comprised of aliens troops and professional assassins may well provide the brawn. Cuppett noted that a military police state in USA would be possible only with the help of foreigners willing to fire on the American people if so ordered by U.N. overlords. This is why, Cuppett said, our government is quietly authorizing the positioning of European, Russian, Chinese and Warsaw Pact troops throughout the U.S. He said that as Americans are gradually conditioned to accept the skeletal framework of an alien-troop system, "troop fill" will be the final step. He anticipates that our government will eventually have imported sufficient foreign troops under various exchange programs to keep the masses intimidated.

Cuppett said the black mask phenomenon so obvious at Waco was invented to disguise troops that would look foreign to us. Armed men jumping in and out of helicopters on training missions often wear black masks to conceal their faces since observers might be alarmed to see Chinese, for example, doing military exercises in America. Cuppett reported that Americans have videotaped foreign troops goosestepping around American military facilities. When they get home to watch the film, it has been electronically jammed out and can't be viewed. Cuppett said that many preparatory maneuvers preparatory for martial law are being carried out in National Forest areas where even federal agents in charge of those lands are not permitted to go. This situation may tie into the U.N. Biodiversity land grab program through which federal lands can be shut off from public access. In such seclusion, foreign troops can be quietly trained for military rule.

Cuppett said that one of his contacts is a state trooper in Montana who recently stopped a truck in a convoy of semi trucks. The driver, who spoke broken English and appeared to be Russian, was extremely hostile. He flashed a Department of Defense badge and told the cop to get lost. The trooper followed the convoy and when it stopped at a restaurant, he cut the tarp and found a Russian Howitzer, the sort of weapon once used to keep the peace in Soviet-occupied nations.

Cuppett noted that bridges are being fortified across America to accommodate such heavy military equipment. He said that many police and sheriffs' departments are being sent police dogs that will respond to commands in foreign languages. He showed slides of signs being posted across USA that will direct foreign troops. He showed slides of communications facilities erected to direct foreign pilots who might be involved in covert operations during the imposition of martial law. Cuppett said that until all command installations are completed and until sufficient troops are in place, all preparations for martial law must be kept top secret. This is why, he noted, most low-level government officials and bureaucrats have no idea what is going on. Meantime, said Cuppett, America's military readiness is being so decimated that we are now nearly defenseless against external enemy attack.

Cuppett warned that any emergency could trigger a FEMA declaration of martial law and the imposition of the kind of dictatorship outlined by 7277. He said that agent provocateurs are hard at work trying to stir up civil unrest and armed confrontations between various group in America. According to Cuppett, in order to precipitate martial law and effect mandatory gun confiscation as mandated by 7277, we must have crisis. He said that some inner city gang leaders are in the employ of U.S. intelligence networks because the threat of government generated crime is a tremendous psychological lever for ushering in a police state.

Cuppett said the Waco mess is an example of how pre-contrived violent situations are used to turn Americans against one another. While many knowledgeable citizens resent the excessive force used at Waco, Cuppett said his government contacts tell him that the military units which launched the final attack on the Mt. Carmel compound were outsiders, not part of the FBI-ATF network. He was told that foreign personnel made the final tank assault which resulted in the deadly fire.

Cuppett said that individuals and factions of the U.S. military which disapprove of the demonic plan for America's impending police state are being terminated. He said 3000 military brass have died of heart attacks in the last two years, indicating that chemically induced heart failure may be one way of eliminating loyal troops that might stand in the way of the plan for martial law.

Cuppett said that TWA 800 shot down over the Atlantic was undoubtedly an assassination episode. He claimed that the missile attack was launched by a Black Hawk helicopter. The Black Hawk units are part of special forces networks working with FEMA. He said certain helicopters have jamming equipment which can prevent them from being seen on radar, which is why the TWA 800's attack copter did not appear on radar screens during the attack.

Cuppett said it is not unusual for our government to sabotage a plane before takeoff if that plane is carrying persons slated for execution. Cuppett documented an example of a military plane which recently had its fuel lines tampered before it crashed, killing a number of our military personnel. He said Ron Brown's downed plane also sent a message loud and clear about what happens to those who cross the powers that be. He said that the hole in Brown's skull was probably made with an ice bullet, a clever tool which Intelligence uses when it is necessary for the evidence to melt.

Cuppett showed pictures of various penal facilities apparently being readied to house civilian detainees arrested under martial law. He showed a slide of an Amtrack facility with enclosed import decks which would allow train loads of detainees to be off-loaded under cover. He told of penal institutions throughout the U.S. which are now empty and awaiting political prisoners of the future. Cuppett charged that the frenetic "war on drugs" is an excuse for building a gigantic, nationwide network of detainment camps to be used during a national crisis. He said Virginia has built 27 prisons in the last 5 years. He said several prisons in California are nearly empty and maintain only a few guards and inmates as a front until the buildings are needed for a national crisis. He said one such empty prison has 4,100 beds.

Cuppett says his contacts have obtained copies of three hit lists being maintained by U.S. Intelligence. The lists are color-coded as red, blue and green. These lists contain the names of people who might be rounded up when the time is right. Cuppett says here are 6.2 million Americans on the blue list alone. He noted that many upstanding citizens have been shocked to find their names on those lists. Thanks to Al Cuppett's eyeopening message, concerned citizens of the Northwest now have a clearer understanding of:

1. Why our national military apparatus is gradually being dismantled and our defensive bases closed.

2. Why our troops and National Guard forces are continually being shipped abroad and kept involved in foreign quagmires.

3. Why U.S. troops now serve under foreign commanders and wear the insignia of the United Nations.

4. Why heavily fortified FEMA bases with underground control centers are being built and upgraded at a feverish pace all over the country.

5. Why America is filling up with foreign troops and military equipment.

6. Why the Communist Chinese government is working to obtain control of a former California military installation (COSTCO) with Clinton's help.

7. Why special special forces working with FEMA are continually conducting urban assault exercises in towns and cities across the nation, signalling a future crackdown on civilian populations.

8. Why, under numerous pretexts, a massive campaign is underway to disarm American civilians.

9. How the phony war on drugs is being used to build penal facilities that may be used as future detainment centers.

10. Why the media keeps harping on the dangers of terrorist attacks so as to enlist popular support for authoritarian executive orders and emergency actions.

11. Why, under duress of Janet Reno's misnamed Justice Department, local law enforcement agencies are being given surplus military equipment (as recently confirmed by 60 Minutes) and why they are encouraged to use paramilitary tactics against civilian populations.

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