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Corrections and Clarifications

August 22, 2000

Correction regarding "Idaho Legal Aid" in Leas case

It has been incorrectly reported that Idaho Legal Aid was responsible for providing free legal services to Ruth Mohr in the Fred Leas case. That distinction belongs to the Idaho State Law School Legal Aid Clinic, which is not the same entity as Idaho Legal Aid Services.

We regret any confusion this has caused.

From: "Don Harkins"
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 09:33:59 -0700

I have always referred to the people who have defended Ruth Mohr in this matter to as Idaho Legal Aid because that is what Fred Leas called it. Apparently the Idaho State Law School Legal Aid Clinic is the correct name.

A guy with Idaho Legal Aid Services complained that people have called his office in confusion.

I am going to make a correction in the Sept. edition.

Don H.

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