From the November 2000 Idaho Observer:

LDC developer sentenced to 13 years

FDA, DOJ believe Kimball's crimes worse than rape, murder

TAMPA -- After a decade of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-led persecution, Discovery Experiment and Development, Inc. (DEDI) President Jay Kimball was sentenced to serve 13 years in prison by Florida Federal District Court Judge Richard Lazzara October 19, 2000. The sentence was passed after U.S. Department of Justice attorneys were able to convince a jury last May that the innovative developer of Liquid Deprenyl Citrate (LDC) was guilty of eight crimes, the most serious of which was violating FDA labeling laws.

“Mr. Kimball does not respect authority, he does not respect the law,” commented Judge Lazzara in defense of arbitrarily quadrupling Kimball's non-violent statutory violations sentence which, under ordinary circumstances, would have been a three-year prison stay.

Many violent criminals such as rapists and murderers are sentenced to serve less than 13 years.

The judge further justified the sentence by stating that Kimball was motivated by “the almighty dollar.”

Kimball maintains that his refusal to submit to the questionably motivated authority of the federal government where LDC is concerned has nothing to do with money. “Deprenyl is a perfectly safe and effective nutritive plant product that has helped thousands of people overcome the ravages of degenerative disease. I just hoped that if I hung in there long enough I would be allowed to prove to the court what has already been proven in the lab and in the bodies of people whose quality of life has been returned to them with the help of deprenyl,” Kimball explained.

The SPOTLIGHT began reporting the persecution of DEDI and Kimball in July, 1999. Our investigations uncovered a 10-year FDA-led campaign to destroy the small, innovative alternative health care products company and block public access to a clinically proven safe and effective degenerative disease therapy. Court documents and other public records indicate that the FDA has been the ringleader in a conspiracy that has compelled several state and federal agencies to perjure testimony, conduct illegal searches and seizures and manufacture and falsify documents and evidence. We have been able to prove that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) used its authority to steal DEDI trade secrets and give them to competitor Somerset Pharmaceutical which manufactures the FDA-approved selegiline product Eldepryl.

Eldepryl, which is prescribed to persons with Parkinson's disease, was found in 1990 to contain methamphetamine and a publicly unidentified neurotoxin by the U.S. Pharmocological Conference. The 1998 Physician's Desk Reference supports claims made by Eldepryl users that use of the drug causes side effects which include severe body pains, nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, anxiety, confusion and clinical depression. Aside from no real evidence that Eldepryl helps to reverse the ravages of Parkinson's disease, Parkinson's advocate Annetta Freeman believes that use of the drug as prescribed has resulted in the death of several victims of the degenerative disease.

To the contrary, the court and the FDA have been flooded with hundreds of people who have experienced a reversal of their symptoms, without adverse side effects, once they stopped using Eldepryl and began using LDC.

Ranking FDA Criminal Invistigations Division official Don Liggett, who has been party to his agency's persecution of DEDI since 1990, admitted that he is not aware of even one reported adverse reaction to LDC, nor was his agency's $multi-million investigation of Kimball prompted by a consumer complaint.

The Tampa Tribune's story “'Youth' peddler receives 13 years,” which was published Oct. 20, ignored court documents, clinical studies, science and truth to fool the public into believing government persecution of Kimball was a justified conclusion to a decade-long attempt to block public access to LDC.

Repeated attempts to contact federal courts reporter Paula Christian of the Tampa Tribune, and provide her with accurate information, have been unsuccessful. Christian can be emailed at: or phoned directly at: (813) 259-7616.

Christian reported that Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Rubenstein commented that his office estimates “Kimball has made millions of dollars selling deprenyl” while being warned “over and over again to stop selling the drug.”

Kimball's financial records indicate Rubenstein's claims are inaccurate and intended to further poison public opinion against Kimball. Rubenstein has reason to damage Kimball's credibility. Evidence uncovered by Kimball shows that U.S. Attorney Rubenstein facilitated the illegal transfer of DEDI trade secrets to Somerset.

Kimball will appeal. Lazzara has stated he will consider releasing Kimball on bond pending appeal.

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