From the February 2001 Idaho Observer:

Graves submits “Special Virus Flowchart” to Congress

National leaders ignore evidence proving DOD link to worldwide AIDS epidemic

by Don Harkins

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- On January 20, 2000 The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals named the office of the President of the United States to answer lawyer Ed Graves' federal lawsuit for global AIDS apology and reparations. The court's order followed Graves' submission of the 1971 Special Virus Flow Chart into evidence. On January 12, 2001 Graves v. The President of the United States and the issue of the laboratory origin of AIDS was dismissed as "frivolous."

Dr. Graves filed the Peoples' petition for rehearing En Banc January 22, 2001. When Graves presented the Flow Chart to the U.S. Surgeon General's office January 24, 2001, America's top doctors admitted no prior knowledge to our government's secret virus development program (Special Virus 1962-1978) which produced 60,000 liters of contagious cancer prior to the 'mysterious' onset of the global AIDS pandemic.

Graves' grass roots activism has already led scientists to immediate break-throughs for people living with HIV/AIDS, and other illnesses. Graves continues his push for immediate program review on all levels of government while the people of the world await the U.S. federal court response.

Graves has spent the last eight years tracking the origins of AIDS through a densely-covered propaganda trail of the highest deception. The shocking conclusions of Graves' research led him to file the landmark federal case Graves vs. The President of the United States no. 99-4476. His new book "State Origin: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS" should be required reading for the world to ensure we establish a firm foundation to never again allow the greatest nation in world history to unleash biological agents on the people of the world.

Graves provides the irrefutable "missing link": the AIDS research logic flowchart. It is the linkage of over 20,000 scientific papers which conclusively prove a "candidate" virus was developed and mass produced. The “creation,” "production" and "proliferation" of AIDS is the ultimate assault on the social fabric of our nation, said Graves.

"Few people can understand the depth of the perpetration on behalf of the United States. On one hand we seek to protect (from killing) a fetus. On the other hand, we secretly try to kill the person, particularly if they are Black or socially disenfranchised. Thus, in its simplest form, if there is a top secret federal plan or policy to enact covert genocide, somebody would eventually find it.

I first read about the Special Virus in "Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola, Nature, Accident or Intentional?" by Leonard G. Horowitz. I followed Dr. Horowitz's suggestion and ordered progress report #8 (1971) through the public library. About a week later, I was in the library and one of the counter persons said they had something for me. The progress report was about 350 pages. The cover was faded with a very strange design. Dr. Horowitz had accurately described the cover and in bulk form reprinted a number of the pages of the program. As I examined the report for the first time, it appeared to have a blueprint or schematic attached. The FLOWCHART of the program unfolded in five sections and definitively proclaimed this to be the "research logic" of the Special Virus program. I knew it then and I know it now, this flowchart is the "missing link" in proving the laboratory birth of the AIDS pandemic.

Graves' research supports conclusions reached by Dr. Horowitz and others who can prove that the U.S. government created and spread AIDS all over the world. The U.S. government refuses to acknowledge that it caused the most deadly epidemic in world history.

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