From the April 2002 Idaho Observer:

Smallpox Vaccinations at Gunpoint?

by Barbara Flynn

On February 27, 2002, the Wisconsin legislature passed a Mandated Vaccination / Emergency Health Powers Act that calls for a $10,000 fine and/or nine months in prison for those who refuse vaccinations.

The former Governor of Wisconsin, U.S. Health Secretary Tommy Thompson, is now calling for Model Emergency Health Powers Acts (MEHPA) in all states.

In an article in New Jersey's Daily Record on January 20, 2002, district Assemblyman Dr. Eric Munoz promised to spearhead a Rapid Mass Smallpox Immunization Response Plan for New Jersey. And in the February 1, 2002 edition of the Star-Ledger we find that the CDC has offered New Jersey $26.8 million to “come up with a plan” by April 15, 2002. Before we allow such legislation to pass, it would be wise to review some history.

In 1902, Cambridge Massachusetts' Board of Health passed an ordinance that required everyone to get smallpox vaccinations every 5 years or pay a $5 fine. Henning Jacobsen and his son who had both suffered severe and prolonged reactions to the vaccine refused both the vaccine and the fine. Both were found guilty by the Massachusetts Supreme Court and Jacobsen vs. Massachusetts became the first and only vaccination case to reach the highest court. The Supreme Court ignored compelling evidence that the vaccines did not work and were dangerous. “While we do not decide and cannot decide that vaccination is a preventative of smallpox, we take judicial notice of the fact that this is the COMMON BELIEF of the people of the State, and with this fact as a foundation we hold that the statute in question is a health law, enacted as a reasonable and proper exercise of POLICE POWER.” [What Every Parent Should Know About Childhood Immunizations, Jamie Murphy, 1990, p.124] In other words, an opinion poll was preferable to hard epidemiological and scientific data regarding vaccination.

What data might Jacobsen hypothetically have presented? Dr. Charles Creighton, professor of Microscopic Anatomy at Cambridge and author of Epidemics of Great Britain said, “The real affinity of cowpox is not to smallpox, but to the great pox (syphilis). The vaccinal ulcer of everyday practice is to all intents and purposes, a chancre (syphilitic ulcer).” Commissioned by Encyclopedia Britannica to assemble information on syphilis (9th Edition, Vol. 24, p23) he reported that “in the first year of compulsory vaccination (1854), deaths from syphilis among infants under one year of age suddenly increased by one-half and the increase has gone on steadily since.”

Edward Jenner who is credited with perpetrating smallpox vaccine on the public in 1796 believed that the syphilitic scar was an indication that the vaccine “took” or would provide immunity for life. According Dr. Hadwen's editorial in “Truth” (1/10/23) Edward Jenner was a country apothecary who purchased his Medical Degree from St. Andrew's College for the modest sum of £15 ($75). Based on a single experiment with eight-year-old James Phipps, with no clinical trials or follow-up studies, Jenner received £30,000 ($150,000) from the British Government for his great discovery.

The superstitious belief in “scar” production had tragic consequences for Marcella Gruelle, 13, daughter of “Raggedy Ann” book and doll creator, Johnny Gruelle. In 1915, she lost her life at the hands of the New York Public School System because she could not produce “the scar.” Her parents reluctantly gave permission for one school administrated smallpox shot. A few weeks later, without parental permission, she was inoculated again as it was deemed that the prior did not “take.” Paralysis and death followed quickly. [Johnny Gruelle, Creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy, Patricia Hall, 1993, p. 87-92] Raggedy Ann, as American as apple pie, is really a pervasive symbol of smallpox vaccine injury and death.

If cowpox (vaccinia) more closely resembles syphilis than it does smallpox (variola), how did the vaccination wipe out smallpox? Apparently, it didn't. On June 5, 1937, Dr. William Howard Hay testified before Congress about the effectiveness of the smallpox vaccine in the Philippines. Dr. Hay describes a vaccination program spanning a six-year period in which 10,000,000 people (95% of the population) were repeatedly vaccinated. In spite of vaccinations a terrible smallpox epidemic ensued. It was four times as fatal as any that had occurred before vaccination -- a death rate of 60% as opposed to the usual 10% to 15%. Additionally, Annie Riley Hale's 1935 book, The Medical Voodoo recounts the history of England's smallpox vaccination and resulting epidemics.

Lastly, in 1900, Dr. Charles Campbell of Texas published findings that smallpox was a “filth” disease, carried by a blood sucking insect, Cimex lectularius (bedbug), that it was neither infectious nor contagious, and that vaccinations do not prevent it. So convinced was he of this that he would move in with and sleep in the same bedroom with those who had contracted smallpox once their homes were fumigated and bedbug free. His reports were ignored. [Bacteria Inc. Cash Asher, 1948,p. 36-37]

The Nuremberg Code (Doctors Trial, 1947) which specified that human beings could not be used as medical experiments without their consent, supercedes Jacobsen vs. Massachusetts (1905). However, Lawrence O. Gostin, the Georgetown University Law Professor who wrote the original 40 page MEHPA invoked the outdated Jacobsen vs. Massachusetts on the second page of his document to justify forcing untested vaccinations on the public at gun point. According to Editorial Assistant Michael L. Betsch (12/16/01), Gostin was awarded $300,000 per year for a period of up to three years by the CDC to develop his model legislation, among other projects. He also states that the Illinois Legislature has already rejected a proposed MEHPA Bill. On March 6, 2002 the Wyoming House Minerals Committee voted 8-1 to “kill” their MEHPA bill. [Sierra]

Historically, vaccination policy has been a conflict between the “thought police” who profit financially from this medical fraud and evidence-based humanitarians who subscribe to the precautionary principle: “First do no harm.”

In the wake of September 11, tyrannous violations of human rights may be expedient, but are they really in the interests of the public they are supposed to protect? “I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights, are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism and militarism are incapable of being conquered. ”[Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: 1967 Riverside Church sermon] To Dr. King's “triplet” we can add the surrender of bodily integrity to the government. Our challenge is to advance the revolution of values that Dr. King advocated, not to reverse it.


Barbara Flynn, MBA, is the founder of CHERUBS (Children Having Everybody Really Upset 'Bout Shots) - A Vaccination Alternatives Network based in New Jersey. CHERUBS provides support for those seeking vaccination exemptions. Barbara Flynn can be contacted by email at:

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