From the March 2003 Idaho Observer:

Surviving Weapons of Mass Destruction -- Part 1

Calling of an Angel, Full Disclosure, Essiac, Dr. Glum -- and “them”

Is it naive to ask, “What is wrong with a physician who has reproduced a safe herbal remedy anyone can make and use to treat a variety of ailments that include colds, cancer and AIDS?” Or, “Is it possible for a doctor to experience professional assassination, death threats, financial ruin and his papers and effects seized and destroyed by the government for making such a remedy available?” Unfortunately, it is more naive to respond to the latter question by stating, “It could never happen in America.”

by Lanny Messinger

On morning in 1988 federal marshals unexpectedly staged a warrantless raid on the L. A. office of Dr. Gary Glum. Though Dr. Glum's papers and effects were seized because he was allegedly under investigation for income tax related issues, IRS officials didn't even show up for the raid. According to Dr. Glum, who had just published a book called, “Calling of an Angel,” one of the marshals made it perfectly clear that the raid was not part of an IRS investigation. He bluntly stated: “This has nothing to do with taxes. This is about cancer -- Do you understand?”

“Perfectly.” Glum replied.

While the federal marshals were raiding his office, Dr. Glum remembers how they only seemed interested in seizing Glum's video tapes and copies of Calling of an Angel.

Nevertheless, an IRS investigation was conducted and he was assessed taxes penalties totaling roughly $500,000. Although the bogus debt was whittled down some, Dr. Glum and his family were flat broke by the time the IRS had finished picking their pockets.

“Rather than kill you they try to financially incarcerate you; then they try to discredit you,” Dr. Glum said in one of our phone conversations.

He wasn't kidding. “They” eventually did threaten to kill him and his family and “they” have sought to discredit Dr. Glum's work with a simple, inexpensive cancer therapy that had produced positive results. So who was the angel that made the federal government so mad at Dr. Glum?

Her name was Rene Caisse (pronounced “Reen Case”). She was a Canadian nurse who devoted over 50 years of her life treating thousands of cancer patients and perfecting an old Indian remedy. The four-herb tea that she developed and tested produced phenomenal results. She called it “Essiac”, which is her surname spelled backwards.

Dr. Charles Brusch, the personal physician of President John F. Kennedy and head of the Brusch Medical Center in Cambridge, Mass., stated: “Essiac is a cure for cancer, period. All studies done at laboratories in the United States and Canada support this conclusion.”

Dr. Brusch even used Rene Caisse's tea to successfully treat his own cancer. However, Dr. Brusch told Dr. Glum that when he publicly endorsed Essiac, the feds gave him two choices: “Either get hauled off to military prison where he'd never be heard from again or stay quiet.”

He chose the latter.

The Canadian government continually threatened to arrest Rene even though she was saving lives. She didn't even charge a fee for her treatment. In spite of the government and many others wanting Rene to reveal her four herb formula, she kept it secret (except for her closest friends). She eventually sold the formula for $1 in 1977 to a Canadian corporation, RESPERIN, believing it would continue using it to save lives and relieve pain and suffering. However, Rene died in 1978 and RESPERIN ran into obstacles from the government and medical establishment. It also appears that the original heads of RESPERIN were dragging their feet, too. Whatever the case may have been, nurse Caisse's remarkable remedy began to fade into oblivion.

In 1985 Dr. Glum purchased Rene's four-herb formula for $120,000. Even to this day he has kept his promise not to reveal the identity of the person who sold him the formula. Initially, he used it to treat his own bronchitis. He said that his bronchitis “went away in short order” and that he has not been sick a day in his life since he began taking Essiac -- No colds, no flu, no bronchitis, nearly perfect health. Rene Caisse's four-herb tea is also widely known for its extraordinary ability to boost the immune system and detoxify the body.

Dr. Glum was the first one to release Rene Caisse's formula to the public. He believes that the recipe for the tea should not be kept secret. Therefore, in the last page of Calling of an Angel he gave readers a toll-free number to call to purchase a videotape which revealed Rene Caisse's recipe and how to correctly brew the tea. The video also exposed the history and politics behind the international pharmaceutical corporations such as I.G. Farben, et. al. (During WWII the Rockefellers were partners with I.G. Farben, the corporation that ran the Nazi death camps, notably Auschwitz.) These were the video tapes (including the master tape) that the feds seized without a warrant in direct violation of Article I and Article IV of the Bill of Rights.

On December 23, 1994, Mary McPherson, a trusted friend of Rene Caisse who had personally helped her make the tea, publicly entrusted the formula to the town of Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada, in the form of a sworn affidavit. It revealed that Dr. Glum had indeed given the correct formula on his videotapes.

In the mid-80s a terminal cancer patient contacted Dr. Glum, who then provided the dying man with Essiac. The cancer disappeared. During the course of their relationship this man revealed to Dr. Glum that he was an MI6 agent (British intelligence). The man was so grateful to Dr. Glum for having saved his life that he asked Gary what could he do to repay him. Dr. Glum then asked the man to see if he could obtain some inside information on the AIDS epidemic. The agent agreed to do so, and for the following eight years he secreted some very alarming information to Dr. Glum.

In 1994 Dr. Glum published his second book, “Full Disclosure,” which revealed that the AIDS virus was made in America. Thirty days later Dr. Glum boarded a plane at LA International Airport. As he was standing in line to board the plane, he noticed a man in line whose eyes were glued to him. Later, while in flight, the same man approached him near the rear of the plane. He specifically identified himself as being from the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and began asking Dr. Glum questions. Finally, the man stated: “You're bright, beyond bright. Put an end to this struggle now or we'll kill you, your wife and child.”

Dr. Glum said the ONI agent “was as cold as ice. You could see icicles fall from his teeth. It was bone-chilling.”

However, this bone-chilling incident didn't scare Dr. Glum into silence. He continued to promote Full Disclosure. He contacted the producer of the TV news magazine 60 Minutes and the executive news producer of ABC in New York. He even invited 60 Minutes to expose himself and Essiac as a fraud if they found what he was saying was untrue. However, the mainstream media wouldn't touch it. Dr. Glum cited two instances where he was being interviewed on two different radio talk shows, but on both occasions the stations' transmitters were shut down soon after the interviews started.

Dr. Glum created a web site ( and invited people to download his two books free of charge. He was getting thousands of hits every day. Then a man who identified himself as a Naval officer telephoned Dr. Glum and told him to get off the Internet. Dr. Glum ignored the warning, so “they” kicked him off. Dr. Glum indicated that it was shut down via the Carnivore boxes used by ISPs. He tried about three more times to maintain a web site, but each time he was turned off.

Full Disclosure is not just another book about AIDS. It's about population control and global racism -- injected by the dirty needle of Doctor Rockefeller and his coterie of elitist quacks: “'Code Word Cardinal' is the password to the file containing intelligence on a small group of the world's most powerful people....They call themselves 'The Olympians'.” Dr. Glum names the people and corporations behind the veil of secrecy and cites secret and not-so-secret documents that link these self-proclaimed “Olympians” to Hitler and the UN agenda to create a master race and reduce Earth's population.

Full Disclosure shatters the myths, propaganda and confusion surrounding the AIDS epidemic with which “We the People” have been programmed. In 1994 Dr. Glum stated: “AIDS is merely their latest -- and potentially most ruthless and destructive -- form of warfare against ordinary humanity....AIDS is the ideal weapon of mass destruction.”

Dr. Glum confirmed the existence of an antidote for AIDS in a two-hour phone conversation on February 11, 2003. He claims that he worked with AIDS Project L.A. and was given five of 179 terminal AIDS patients. Dr. Glum took these five patients off of the killer drugs AZT and DDI and put them on Essiac three times a day. He also gave them the antidote for AIDS, which he had secretly obtained from the same MI6 agent whose life he saved. Those five patients were the only ones who lived -- the other 174 died. Dr. Glum said that the five patients recovered their health and, after three or four years, they were still all living normal, healthy lives. According to Dr. Glum, the people at the AIDS Project deny that any of this ever occurred.

On pages 194 -196 of Full Disclosure, Dr. Glum gives some very good clues as to the nature of the AIDS antidote. However, he falls short of giving the precise formula away, stating: “That's as much as I can say and hope to stay alive.” During one of our several conversations he also stated that the antidote can be purchased in health food stores.

Dr. Glum indicated that he was not going to release the antidote formula publicly until Full Disclosure becomes a household word. After all, the AIDS antidote is just a Band-Aid on the real problem, and the “Olympians” could counter it with yet another, even deadlier, designer plague.

The long-term, grassroots solution is to awaken the world to the “Olympian” agenda, then, as Dr. Glum put it, “Public pressure must convince politicians that they have no choice but to seek the truth about AIDS....Prosecution of those who created this monstrous plague could permanently remove them from society before they do more harm.

“And it would put their spiritual heirs on notice that America will no longer tolerate this kind of criminality....If the Olympians succeed at keeping the American public asleep until their very survival as a nation requires a police state, then the Olympians will happily step in to run it -- and be perceived as heroes for saving the day. Out of this nightmare comes the unthinkable in the early 21st Century: A dictatorship -- worthy of a Hitler -- running America. And with technology (and biotechnology) in its arsenal that is beyond Hitler's wildest dreams.”

Dr. Glum had a very successful chiropractic practice treating some of the most successful world-class athletes -- e.g., track stars, weight lifters and NFL teams. He developed the “Neuromuscular Reeducation” technique to relieve soft tissue injuries [see]. I gathered from my conversations with Dr. Glum that he left his practice due to the unexpected turn of events in his life and is now focused on getting the information in Full Disclosure out to the world before it's too late.

Dr. Glum cordially invites anyone to download his books free of charge at Ivan Fraser's web site “The Truth Campaign” []. This is a British web site, which may explain why it has not been shut down yet. But to be on the safe side, download both books now and get others to do likewise in case this site is also shut down.

Full Disclosure is also available in the first-edition, hard-cover book, but supplies are limited (see ad page 9).

Dr. Glum said he was approached by “spooks” at Tyson's Corner (Vienna, Virginia) and was warned not to print a second edition. Consequently, Dr. Glum said that when the first-edition books are gone, he will not print any more.


Part 2 will be an analysis of Essiac, its uses, the recipe so that anyone can make it for their own use and reputable suppliers who have made commerical preparations available to the public.

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