From the March 2003 Idaho Observer:

The Nazification of America

The Idaho Observer has intentionally maintained an editorial policy that avoided comparisons of the U.S. government to Hitler and Nazi Germany. Such comparisons evoke vivid images of an ugly period in recent history and people have a tendency to deny, rather than learn from them. By March, 2003, the parallels are undeniable. If people don't like the images of entire cities burning and millions of naked emaciated people being buried in mass graves, then they should do something to prevent the U.S. government from repeating the horrors that have been attributed to Hitler's Nazis.

by Hari Heath

British Prime Minister Tony Blair recently said, “opponents of military action against Iraq are as misguided as the appeasers who refused to stand up to Adolph Hitler in the 1930s.”

Isn't this classic doublespeak from the Bush regime's partner in war? As Hitler's propagandist Joseph Goebbles stated, “a lie told often enough eventually becomes the truth.”

Is the truth much closer to this statement: “Proponents of military action against Iraq are as misguided as the appeasers who refused to stand up to Adolph Hitler in the 1930s.”

Can those of you who remember the history of 1930s Germany see the parallels to our current times? Are we witnessing the rapid Nazification of America?

The German leadership in the later 1930s thought it was quite appropriate to invade other countries to get what Germany wanted. The Bush regime's plan to invade Iraq by force, impose a regime change and make Iraq's oil safe for western corporations seems to be a rather Hitlerian mindset.

How can otherwise sane people be convinced that invading another country is a good idea? The German people were whipped into a frenzy of support for Hitler and the Nazis by systematic programming. A media blitz from the Nazi propaganda machine fomented a blind pro-Aryan patriotic pride.

What is the difference today? During World War II, the U.S. government realized the value of propaganda. Beginning in the late 1940s, U.S. Military Intelligence and the various clandestine agencies that eventually formed the CIA, gave millions of dollars in research grants to American universities for the research and development of propaganda techniques. Joseph Goebble's societal mind controlling propaganda machine came to America under Project Paperclip and was transformed into an academic genre that is now euphemistically known as the “science of communications.”

The result? Every journalism student is trained in this now exact science. Polished to a fine art and potentized by modern technology, our minds are pumped on every channel, bandwidth and frequency, 24/7. There's no room left for independent thinking. Our thoughts are provided for us, so slick and conveniently, that the average American doesn't even know what hit 'em.

Mental conformity is accomplished with up-to-the-minute news pumps. Room for alternatives or debate? Only if its going in the direction the doctors of spin have prescribed for us. Just as in Hitler's time, we've been whipped into a frenzy of blind pro-American patriotic pride.

And don't forget the fear factor. Nothing pulls people together better than a perceived threat and the promise of protection from evil. The evil Jews of Hitler's era are not much different than the evil Arabs of today. The ruse of terrorism and the Bush regime's “Homeland Security” are simply a modern (and more technologically-advanced) reinvention of Hitler's Jews and SS troops.

Moving Toward a police State?

One of the more ridiculous phrases in modern usage is “We are moving towards a police state.” We are not “moving” toward anything -- we are already living in a police state.

After years in the public indoctrination system (school), followed by the many forms social conditioning that adapt us to accepting government's various administrative regimes, most Americans can't even imagine what true freedom would be like.

In America today it's a crime to leave your house without your “papers” on you. You can be pulled over for as little as a dirty license plate. If you don't do just as you're told, the infraction can jump to a felony for “resisting an officer.

Bristle-headed, hog-jeweled policemen in dark glasses are on alert everywhere with a steroid attitude. With their K-9 friends, they're ready to sniff you out for any non-compliant activities. Forget everything you ever thought the Bill of Rights meant. There's terrorists out there.

Privacy? Forget it. Between bank records, “voluntary” tax filing and your “paper or plastic” purchasing methods, your every financial move is an open book. Carrying enough cash in your pocket to buy a used car is also a crime.

A police state isn't just about police. Bureaucrats of every persuasion form a lawless horde to “police” your every move by administrating their self-written rules and regulations. Crime creation no longer requires a Congress.

Are we only moving “towards” a police state or jumping farther off the deep end into a sea of totalitarianism? The PATRIOT Act was bad; the Homeland Security Bill was worse and now, along comes the Patriot II nightmare. How far will government go to protect itself from us?

Alex Jones recently provided a summary of the American Nazi's latest fascist effort for total control (The Idaho Observer, Feb., 2003). Highlights of his report on the Patriot Act II include:

* A Terrorist Identification Database” of “suspected terrorists” and any one associated with suspected terrorists or having supported any group designated as “terrorist.”

* Makes it a crime to release information about the incarceration or whereabouts of “detainees.”

* Gives law enforcement immunity for spying on the American people.

* Designates individual terrorists as foreign powers and strips them of all rights under the “enemy combatant” designation.

* Considers information gathering, whether legal or not, to be clandestine intelligence activities for a foreign power -- an end to news gathering and a free press.

* Allows the use of wartime martial law powers without a congressional declaration of war.

* Grants immunity for government agents who conduct searches without prior court approval and authorizes surveillance without a court order.

* Allows contempt charges for anyone who refuses to incriminate themselves or others.

* Removes sunset clauses from the original Patriot Act.

* Expands the definition of “enemy combatant” designation.

* Authorizes giant, warrantless, dragnet style “investigations.”

* Grants the government the power to snoop into your public and private sector information, including bank records, educational records and medical records.

* Allows the federal take-over of Coroner and Medical Examiner operations.

* Disallows the quashing of federal subpoenas and allows the feds to enforce gag orders and take over state grand jury proceedings.

* Ends federal whistle blower protections.

* Allows corporations to keep their use of toxic biological, chemical or radiological materials secret.

* Allows top federal officials to keep their financial dealings secret.

* Sets up a national DNA database of “suspected” terrorists.

* Federalizes local police department information sharing.

* Provides liability protection for businesses that spy on their customers or violate privacy agreements.

* Authorizes foreign governments to spy on the American people.

* Allows Homeland Security officials to extradite American citizens anywhere they wish or secretly take individuals out of foreign countries.

* Expands the definition of weapons of mass destruction to include any activity that effects interstate or foreign commerce.

* Creates “lifetime parole” for a host of crimes.

* Expands the list of capital crimes.

* Sets up asset forfeiture provisions for anyone engaging in “terrorist” activities.

The Nazification of America? Moving towards a police state? How much farther is there left to go? The only thing missing from Patriot II is the concentration camps and gas chambers for “enemy combatants” (and rumors have abounded for years that those facilities already exist in the former land of the free).

And what do the leaders of Nazi America busy themselves with when they're not proposing fascist legislation?

North Korea has nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missile delivery systems, but der fuhrer Bush only considers this a “regional” problem that can be handled by regional diplomacy. Der fuhrer says other nations must step up to the plate and assume responsibility for the North Korean problem. Bush is dragging his feet and doesn't want to bother engaging this “rogue” nuclear-weapon possessing nation in direct dialog.

But Iraq is another story. Billions of dollars have been spent deploying over 300,000 troops. They're still on ships or camped in the sand waiting for the Bush/Blair blitz of Baghdad. Why? To seize Saddam's weapons of mass destruction -- WMD's the UN can't find and the Bush regime can't evidence, even with our U2 spy planes and other state of the art surveillance technologies.

Absent actual evidence, how do we know Iraq has WMD's? Because Bush Regime I delivered them to Iraq in the 1980s, largely through the efforts of its then private-sector emissary Donald Rumsfeld -- The same man who is now the Secretary of Defense. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld wants to attack and then occupy Iraq with a new regime because he believes Saddam still has the WMDs private sector emissary Rumsfeld sold him 20 years ago.

So how can we tell which country is housing the real terrorists? Which country needs a regime change -- the one led by George Dubya or the one led by Saddam Scudya?

So What Is an American Nazi?

Hitler's “Nazi” party was the National Socialist Party. A party of federal socialists. Do we really have a two-party system in America? There's so many “moderates” engaged in political “compromise” that its hard to tell the Republicans and Democrats apart. It's really two sides of one party.

But what two sides of our one-party system are obvious? There's the bleeding-heart socialists with their give-away, benevolent, benefit programs and the federal fascists groping for absolute dictatorial powers. Under the sway of bleeding heart benevolence we are “appeased” so that we “refuse to stand up” to the Hitlerian conduct of the federal government.

And it's even hard to tell the bleeding-hearts from the fascists. The “Comprehensive Homeland Security Act of 2003” (SB 6) and the “Justice Enhancement and Domestic Security Act of 2003" (SB 22), are yet further fascist federal power grabs, primarily sponsored by “liberal” Senate Democrats, Daschle, Kennedy, Biden, Leahy, Murray, Durbin, Schumer and Mrs. Clinton.

Slick as a wet Willie in the White House, we don't have to beat around the Bush about it anymore. Let's just call it what it really is, the American Nazi Party.

Doesn't their conduct evidence their true identity? But who are the American Nazis that should cause liberty-loving Americans the greatest concern?

Your neighbors -- the spoon-fed, brain-dead political zombies that have fully absorbed the Fed/Nazi mass mantra.

Media personalities who pump American Nazi rhetoric into our brains 24/7.

People who pay a tax they do not owe which funds the further and continued Nazification of America.

Anyone who thinks security comes from the government.

A Congress that has no concept that the American Constitution exists.

Those who demand benefits and handouts and those who provide them.

Bureaucrats and regulators who issue permits and licenses that have no place in a free society -- and those who apply for and accept them.

The misguided appeasers who refuse to stand up to our own Nazification.

There are no “innocent civilians” here. There's nowhere for an innocent bystander to stand. You must either stand an ever treacherous and shrinking ground for freedom or capitulate and roll over until you are doing somersaults for socialism. The fascist, federal socialists haven't left us any middle ground.

Our former land of the free and home of the brave cannot co-exist with our now Nazi-occupied country. We've been Nazified.

There is one more question those who intend to stand unwaveringly for freedom must ask themselves: Where will we go, this time, to flee the Nazis?

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