From the October 2003 Idaho Observer:

NRC to review water fluoridation

Pure water advocate Paul Connett, Ph.D, prompts first government review regarding toxic effects of fluoridated water

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Chemistry Professor Dr. Paul Connett of St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY, gave a powerful, two-hour lecture regarding the toxicological effects of municipal water fluoridation at the community center downtown.

Though his presentation rather quickly cited the litany of reasons why water fluoridation is a disastrous public health practice, two-thirds of the way through his lecture he revealed that, on August 12, 2003, the National Research Council (NRC) had committed itself to reviewing the toxicological risks of fluoride in drinking water. “This is a very good sign,” said Dr. Connett, one of the world's most authoritative and outspoken opponents of fluoridated drinking water. “This will be the first objective government-sponsored review of this issue,” he added.

The NRC describes the scope of its review as follows:

“A subcommittee of the National Research Council's (NRC) Committee on Toxicology (COT) will review toxicologic, epidemiologic, and clinical data published since 1993, and exposure data on orally ingested fluoride from drinking water and other sources (e.g.,food, toothpaste, dental rinses). Based on those reviews the subcommittee will evaluate independently the scientific and technical basis of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maximum contaminant level (MCL) of 4 milligram per liter (mg/L) and secondary maximum contaminant level (SMCL) of 2 mg/L in drinking water. The subcommittee will advise EPA on the adequacy of its fluoride MCL and SMCL to protect children and others from adverse effects. The subcommittee will determine the relative contribution of various fluoride sources (e.g., food, dental-hygiene products) to total exposure. The subcommittee will also identify data gaps and make recommendations for future research relevant to setting the MCL and SMCL for fluoride.”

The NRC commitment came five months after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was unable to find a worthy candidate to publicly to defend water fluoridation in a public debate with Dr. Connett. Last March, the EPA contacted Dr. Connett and asked if he was willing to argue his views about water fluoridation in a public forum. Dr. Connett, an excellent public speaker who knows his material, was willing. Six weeks later, the EPA withdrew its offer because there was not one person in the world willing to publicly defend the benefits of municipal water fluoridation.

While no one from the CDC came forward to scientifically defend the merits of fluoridated water, the world's leading public health and disease watchdog is on record in the October 22, 1999 edition of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report as describing fluoride as number one in the top 10 public health achievements of the 20th century.

Contrary to what the CDC believes, Dr. Connett and a growing “Who's Who” of biochemistry and public health professionals describe water fluoridation as number one in the top 10 public health disasters of the 20th century.

While government regulators debate the safe levels of fluoride and generally settle on one part per million (ppm) in water, Dr. Connett argues that God has already established the amount of fluoride safe for humans. “Mothers' breast milk contains .01 ppm fluoride-an amount 100 times less than the government recommends for water.”

He then asked, “Was God asleep when he figured out what to put in breastmilk for babies and it took a government agency to get it right?”

Dr. Connett believes that elevated levels of fluoride in breastmilk can cause neurological damage to infants. He cited a 2003 study by Xiang that showed how 1.8 ppm fluoride lowered human IQ.

The main argument used by fluoride proponents is that fluoridated water prevents tooth decay. Dr. Connett disproved the “fluoride-prevents-tooth-decay” mantra with several published studies and anecdotal examples. His conclusion is tooth decay is more closely related to poverty than lack of access to fluoride.

Fluoridating an entire population of people through their water is unethical, does not take into account individual sensitivity to the substance and is delivered in uncontrollable doses. Plus, most fluoridated water does not even come near the teeth as at least 99 percent of fluoridated water is used for bathing, cleaning and watering.

The source of fluoride for water is an uncontrolled toxic byproduct of aluminum and phosphate fertilizer manufacture. EPA regulations make it very expensive to dispose of fluoride so they deliver it to us diluted in our drinking water. If they had to use pharmaceutical grade fluoride, water would not be fluoridated. “The truth is they would pay you to drink this crap so long as you gave them a better deal than the EPA,” Dr. Connett said.

The ill effects of mass medicating with fluoride are becoming apparent in our society. Brittle bones, dental fluorosis and, ironically, increased tooth decay, is just the beginning. Fluoride promotes abnormal hormone production in both males and females and hyperthyroidism. Fluoride increases the body's uptake of lead and, therefore, causes neurological problems. Fluoridated communities also have a higher incidence of arthritis and lower birth rates.

A study by Jennifer Luke showed that between 9,000 ppm and 22,000 ppm fluoride was found in the pineal glands of fluoridated people. The pineal gland is subject to calcification and is critical to the production of melatonin.

The most commonly asked question once people realize that there is not one scientifically-supported public health advantage to water fluoridation is, “Why are they doing this to us?”

Each component of the pro-fluoridation lobby has its reasons. Dr. Connett observed, “Science has nothing to do with public health. If it goes up against corporations or government credibility, science goes out the window.”


Dr. Connett challenges anyone to refute his findings which he claims are supported in published science. He has an exhaustive reference library posted to the site of the Fluoride Awareness Network site at

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