From the May 2006 Idaho Observer:

CHEMTRAILS: Nationwide reports indicate "spraying" agenda stepped up in recent months

Conspiracies develop among entities compelled to cooperate with one another because each have something to gain should the plot succeed. Whatever material or political gains individual conspirators may realize is their payoff for participating in plots that often produce long-term results (intended or coincidental) that are far more harmful than those that are immediately apparent.

IO readers from all over the nation have called to report that aerial "spraying" in their areas has been intensified over the last couple of months. As we have discussed in previous editions:

We know aerial spraying that results in "chemtrails," is occurring and that the toxic particulates contained in the spray vary depending upon what tropospheric platform is being built to enhance which technological innovation.

We know that the military is using virtual imaging and communications technologies that require seeding the sky with various particulates (including barium, aluminum and copper).

We know that non-government environmental organizations have convinced governments that financing the introduction of certain particulates via aerial spraying will inhibit global warming.

We know the relative toxicity of the substances (primarily heavy metals) admittedly being sprayed.

We know that the spraying agenda has been ongoing since the mid-90s.

And now we are beginning to see the "fallout" of these operations. At what cost must the plants, animals and humans of the world endure the military’s desire for advanced communications and virtual imaging systems? What is the net benefit of allegedly minimizing global warming when the process is toxic to all life on earth?

It would appear that chemtrails, for all they have done to enhance various technologies, are causing what may turn out to be irreparable damage to the natural order upon which living things depend for survival. Specific to human survival, it would appear that intensified aerial spraying is globally suppressing immune function, prepping our bodies to be suitable hosts for promoting the proliferation of an influenza pandemic that will be blamed on birds.


The methodic demise of natural earth

With zero input from qualified, corporate-neutral opinions, leaders in government have bypassed parliamentary procedure and public debate to finance the activities of madmen who claim they can save the world by changing the natural order of earthly systems. Aside from being purely speculative and experimental, several large-scale operations currently in motion are attempting to achieve opposite results. It does not take an advanced college degree to suspect that one program attempting to "cool" the stratosphere combined with another program’s attempts to "heat" the ionosphere could produce cataclysmic results.

An Environmental Impact Overview

by Dr. R. Michael Castle

In this century, we believe we are witnessing the gradual, purposeful demise of the Earth’s Natural System. "ChemTrails," the visible toxic-chemical-containing exhaust from airplanes [and auxiliary sprayers], is only a vague description, in lay-terms, of a greater theater of toxic materials being released into the atmosphere/stratosphere, for a myriad of crude and toxic agendas.

This article will attempt to put this global debacle into a profile of events. Technical specificity of all the identified components would require at least a book in length, to recite them all.

[A short bibliography follows and links to various pertinent documents of unquestionable validity are available upon request].

First Rule of Understanding: There are very large, winner-take-all games orchestrated by the global interests of the world. We have investigated, researched and found substantial evidence of a multiplicity of global operations designed to mitigate various and theoretical global catastrophes.

Many of the operations we have collectively found in our investigations were secret, classified and not available to the public. Others, on the other hand, have been public. In our minds, the questions are, "Why would anyone wish to deploy these geo-weapons and why would others authorize their deployment?

Just follow the money trails. Then realize that the recipients of this information [you] must be interested enough in what we are trying to expose to help us wage a major whistle-blowing campaign to stop the methodic destruction of our Earth’s natural systems. The campaign will require the passion and dedication of many; failure to act now will likely mean the demise of Earth’s inhabitants.

Our research work has spanned more than five years of watching events as they unfold and discovering the details of the shockingly irresponsible scenarios that follow.

Our mission is simple to describe: Expose and stop the methodic demolition of our natural Earth and its inhabitants.

Executive Summary

Dr. Edward Teller wrote a white paper in the late 1990s describing a remedial operational strategy, epic-in-proportion, to change the predicted course of what was believed by an international group of scientists, including Dr. Teller and Livermore National Laboratories, to be the inevitably cataclysmic results of global-warming, crisis level Ultra-Violet/Cosmic radiation, crisis Ozone layer depletion and other theoretical doom. It should be noted that Dr. Teller, "Father H-Bomb," was responsible for many ill-conceived strategies; not one of which considered consequences such as safety, toxicity, lethality, environmental impact or ethics.

According to Teller, et al, ultra violet (UV) radiation from ozone depletion and global-warming from the harmful effects of greenhouse gases could be effectively mitigated through the deployment of specific sub-micron particulates into the various layers of the atmosphere.

Barium, aluminum, thorium and selenium were to be processed into a sub-micron particle dispensed from high-altitude aircraft and ionized with a specific electrical charge. We must surmise that ionization keeps the specific heavy metal particulates aloft for longer periods of time.

This electronically-charged particulate matrix might also be the perfect RF control field. Theoretically, the heavy metals would block and reflect the sunlight from entering the Earth’s atmosphere and reflect 1 percent to 2 prevent of the UV radiation back into space causing UV radiation levels to decline.

Teller also recommended the use of commercial and military aircraft to carry out the enormous task of seeding the Earth’s stratosphere with these experimental substances.

We believe that the implementation and subsequent weaponization of these technologies has been well demonstrated. Under the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) program entitled "RF Dominance" the military has been experimenting with enhancing, jamming or intercepting radio communications with the aid of these particulates.

The U.S. Air Force VTRP virtual imaging technology for fighter aircraft pilots also rely on an atmosphere seeded with these heavy metals.

A U.S. Air Force paper entitled, "Weather—A Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025," clearly describes the military advantages of using the particulate-laden troposphere to "own" (create, control, manipulate or direct) the weather.

The U.S. Navy’s RFMP is another other military program utilizing aerosolized heavy metal particulates, including aluminized fiberglass or chaffe, are characteristic of current military operations.

CIA-led Project Cloverleaf was one of the initial "aerosolized heavy-metal particulate" operations. Massive spraying of the upper-atmosphere/Stratosphere commenced. The U.S. DoD operations described above soon followed, as the US Air Force became embedded in the expansion of significant global-warming mitigation strategies in the form of weather modification and geo-engineering practices.

Federally-approved contractors (FACs) became involved in this massive, global effort to save Earth from certain doom. FACs were part of the research, development and deployment aspects of these projects. One in particular, Hughes Aircraft Corporation of California, turned research efforts toward this endeavor.

Thorium and oxides, Aluminum and Silicon carbide, have been identified in a special mixture referred to generally as "Welsbach Refractory Seeding Agents" (U.S. Patent 5, 003,186 . - March 26, 1991). This patent was assigned and awarded in 1990 to Hughes Aircraft Corporation. The Welsbach Refractory Seeding, under unrestricted deployment operations, began in the early 1990s over a vast area of stratosphere above the North American Continent.

Expanding over the entire western hemisphere, many operations were believed to have become enjoined with the ozone depletion mitigation aerial operations of the U.S. Air Force and connected to the High Frequency Active Aural Research Project (HAARP) located in Alaska. Ironically, HAARP sends millions of watts of electricity up to heat the ionosphere while seeding the stratosphere with particulates is supposedly to cool the troposphere.

Ozone Remediation was 1 of 3 active mission parameters for HAARP, as defined by Dr. Bernard Eastlund, Inventor and Director of HAARP. The Ionospheric Heating Research Facility was manned and operated by the U.S. Air Force (Reserve) and the U.S. Navy. HAARP had been weaponized; therefore, most of its operations were and remain classified.

Weather modification/

climate change

HAARP is utilized for many clandestine missions, of which weather modification is a fundamental objective. Microwave, Extreme Low Frequency (ELF ), Very Low Frequency (VLF) and other EMR/EMF-based systems are transmitted into the atmosphere and reflected by the ionosphere back through the Earth’s Stratosphere/Atmosphere where various airborne chemical particulates, polymer filaments and other electromagnetic frequency absorbers and reflectors are used to push or pull the prevailing jet-streams to alter weather patterns.

In many instances, drought inducement technologies have been found in patented systems. Drought inducement occurs, according to reviewed technologies, by heating the stratosphere with microwaves, placing airborne chemical particulates in the airspace and thereby changing the base-line moisture gradients via microwaves from HAARP and desiccating regions chemically with barium titanates, methyl aluminum and potassium mixtures.

HAARP punches massive holes in the open-air column Ozone. This is the basis for the ozone remediation/mitigation strategies found associated with HAARP. However, "patching" the holes in the ozone layer has become a standard practice for U.S. Air Force and FAC flight operations. The U.S. Air Force has recently (2001-2002) resorted to the utilization of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) technology. High-flying stratospheric robotic platforms negate the necessity for manned operations. Robots don’t complain, never talk and remain, forever, non-union. Plus, Welsbach seeding and ozone hole remediation sciences utilize chemistries that are toxic to humans and the environment.

Welsbach refractory agents use aluminum, thorium, zirconium and other emissitivity-refractive metals and metal oxides. Thorium is, elementally, 98 percent purity. The thorium and the remaining 2 percent (identified radioactive materials) eventually fall to the ground. Middle and Eastern Canada are experiencing what has been clinically identified as Thorium poisoning. There are no other base-line resources for Thorium in the region; it’s all from the stratospheric deployment of aerosolized heavy metal particulates.

Alaska Flight 261

Welsbach refractory agents, namely, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide are extremely abrasive, second only to diamond. These 1 micron and sub-micron dusts, upon falling through the atmosphere, could conceivably become attached to adhesive surfaces inside the working components of aircraft traveling through the "grit-plume." The greases used on the horizontal and vertical stabilizers, ailerons, flaps and landing gear may be seriously damaged by these highly abrasive dusts from the Welsbach Refractory materials and could cause a gradual milling of the jack-screw metals and cause complete failure, jamming the flight controls into an uncontrollable down or up attitude configuration. We believe that Alaska Airlines Flight 261 is an example of this circumstance.

Alaska Flight 261 made daily passage through heavy grit plumes from chemtrail operations associated with Welsbach Refractory Seeding operations, principally along the West Coast of the U.S. to LA, then south and east to Dallas.

Other aircraft, commercial and military and civilian, have also experienced these flight-component failures which are commonly attributed to sub-standard aviation machinists’ work quality—the same conclusion reached by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in its investigation of the ill-fated final voyage of Alaska Flight 261.

Ozone hole remediation

The composition most notably utilized in ozone-hole patching is elemental selenium and aromatic hydrocarbons such as toluene (benzene component of gasoline) and mixed isomers of xylene. Sprayed from stratospheric-flying aircraft, films of this toxic mixture fall into the area just above the tropopause—the ozone layer. Ozone, or triatomic oxygen, forms rapidly upon the irradiation of the selenium and the hydrocarbon with UV/Actinic sunlight. This is the identical photon/chemical reaction that causes "ozone alert" days and is problematic. The solid-state reaction of selenium and UV radiation is the same as the reaction that occurs during Xerography: Copy machines generate minute amounts of Ozone when the Selenium Toners are irradiated with UV light sources.

The U.S./NASA Total Ozone Mapping (TOMs) satellites have verified Ozone Patching operations occurring principally over the northern sectors of the North American continent. We have been studying these phenomena since early 2000.

Ground-fall impacts of selenium/aromatic hydrocarbons—when ground fall occurs, (there is substantial evidence that this has repeatedly occurred in the United States and Canada) is causative of benzene over-exposure. Carcinogenicity of benzene is known, not suspect. Surface water pollution with benzene is a continuous threat.

Selenium poisoning is symptomatically consistent with other types of heavy metal (lead and mercury, for instance) poisoning .

The fallout

There is ample evidence to state that small and large scale weather modification activities are perpetually occurring on a global basis. Due to the expansive nature of the global theater, we will confine the following brief analysis of chemtrail deployments and their effects in the United States and Canada.

Without exception, all of the chemical spraying operations have been conducted without public knowledge and not one human health risk assessment nor environmental impact study has ever been submitted for public and civil scrutiny or commentary. This alone constitutes unpardonable violations of U.S. civil and environmental law and well-settled protocols of cooperative conduct among the world’s community of nations.

Professional independent investigators have retrieved numerous samples of soils and waters throughout North America. These have been scientifically analyzed and the results documented. The testing has demonstrated toxic levels of barium and methyl aluminum in many areas of the United States and Canada that have no extraneous sources of these heavy-metals.

The barium and aluminum is also being found in human blood and tissue samples, many of which have been forwarded onto public health agencies with requests to qualify the sources of these toxic exposures. So far, public health agencies have resisted identifying the sources of these barium and aluminum exposures.

Toxic levels of these metals are also being found in the tissues of domesticated and wild animals.

But people and animals are not the only living things adversely affected by chemtrail fallout. The Earth’s natural biological systems are beginning to fail. Rhizobacteria-endomycorrhizae, a critical microbial organism, is slowly becoming extinct in soils due to barium and aluminum heavy-metal toxicities. This microbe is responsible for the transfer of nutrients from the soils-matrix to the plants/trees feeder-root system. The barium/aluminum heavy-metal salts are alkaline and are shifting the base-line pH of surface soils and waters to new highs—elevated enough that certain plant species cannot survive. According to our experts in this field, without this microbe, natural plant growth is impossible. Chemtrails are systemically altering the balances critical to plant life and the evidence for microbial extinction events abound.

Moreover, genetically-engineered biological materials and genetically mutated fungi, which are being used as biocontrols in an increasing variety of applications, may turn out to be more damaging to Humans and the Environment than chemical-based aerosolized chemical materials sprayed into the atmosphere.


The events of the 1990s were characterized by phrases such as, "reinventing commerce," and "reinventing government" as a cover for clandestine operations carried forth by U.S. military and corporately-employed civilian operatives in collaboration with international bodies to secretly further research on topics such as weather control, food/water control and the marketplace expansion for new pharmaceutical drugs developed to treat new diseases—all of which have direct links to what we have compressed into a subject we call "chemtrails."

We, a group of concerned individuals from around the World, numbering in the millions, are now extremely convinced that we are witnessing the methodic demise of the natural Earth in the name of corporate commerce and big government control, and a ruthless form of socialism enforced by the military industrial complex.

The technologies being used to alter the Earth’s balances are crude and the substances identified in chemtrails are poisonous and potentially lethal.

The independent family farmers of the U.S. and Canada never knew that the drought that had-no-end, coupled with the aggressive business practices of their subsidized multinational corporate counterparts, were the interconnected components of a conspiracy among government agents and corporate CEOs to remove them from the marketplace.

As it turns out, our nations’ foreclosed upon family farms are being purchased for pennies-on-the-dollar by agribusinesses. All that is grown and harvested on these farms now are genetically mutated grains and foodstuffs—the emergence of the Food Weapon.

Dr. R. Michael Castle is an Environmental Professional who holds a National Certification for Environmental Risk Assessment with 15 years of field practice in Environmental Risk Assessment, Investigation, Analyses and Remediation. A Polymer Chemist for 22 years prior to establishment of the Environmental Consulting and Engineering Firm, Castle Concepts Consultants, Inc., he is also on the International Advisory Board of the World Natural Health Organization.

Note: Dr. Castle, with the counsel of other chemtrail investigators, drafted "The Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act" in 2003, in an attempt to halt, prohibit and forever abate the practices of deploying, dispensing or otherwise releasing any chemical into the Atmosphere/Stratosphere of the airspace above the entire North American continent.

However, U.S. congressmen he hoped would carry the act, lost interest when it became clear that the U.S. government is strategically involved in many aspects of the debacle.

It is Dr. Castle’s hope that, once enough people realize that these arrogant and irresponsible chemtrail campaigns are an imminent threat to life on Earth, that we can force the passage of permanent prohibitions against such activities.

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