XMake increases the power of PHP by allowing your scripts to work more efficiently and intelligently, as components of larger systems. PHP is supported by means of the 'phpc' XMExtension.

The 'phpc' XMExtension defines:

 a PHP source file suffix: .phpc (PHP Command Line Interface)  a one-to-one mapping of source to output file names: myFile.html.phpc -> myFile.html myFile.php.phpc -> myFile.php  a makefile pattern rule for building output files from source files  a makefile pattern rule for generating dependency makefiles  macros for creating custom makefile rules for PHP file processing  special makefile targets for lint checking: 'xmake phpc.lint' performs lint checking of .phpc sources 'xmake php.lint' performs lint checking of .php sources  PHP source file dependency detection, error handling and related utility functions