XMake: eXtendable Make Environment
Core Features
System Requirements
System Comparisons
The Basics
Installation and Use
Create Project: 'xmakep' command
Project Configuration: XMake.conf (abbreviated)
Build Project: 'xmake' command
XMake + PHP
Execution Environment
Build System Security
Source Code Security
PHP Templating
source: build-versus-run-time.php.phpc
output: build-versus-run-time.php
STDOUT: build-versus-run-time.php?user=greg&lang=en
STDOUT: build-versus-run-time.php?user=greg&lang=fr
STDOUT: build-versus-run-time.php?user=greg&lang=es
STDOUT: build-versus-run-time.php?user=greg&lang=pt
Quality Control
Error Handling in PHP Sources
Automated Testing: XMakefile.mks
STDERR: 'xmake'
Lint Checking: 'xmake php.lint'
Site Management
Simulated Server: configuration
Simulated Server: source
Simulated Server: STDOUT
This Presentation: Custom Makefile
This Presentation: PHP Template
XMake.conf: project configuration
XMake Internals
Dependency Makefiles: *.mkdo
Makefile Introspection: XM.reqs.${target}
C Language XMExtension makefile: c.mkh
C Language XMExtension makefile: c.mkr
PHP Language XMExtension makefile: phpc.mkh
PHP Language XMExtension included source: