PHP error handling is built in to XMake. Build time errors are displayed on /dev/stderr. The fatal error threshold is configurable. If a fatal error occurs when trying to create a target output file, standard output is displayed on /dev/stderr and the output file is not created.
[greg@p3 src]$ xmake
    E_USER_WARNING [512] ERROR: language template file
    does not exist:
    in line 18 of file
*** FAILURE (XM_php_outfileMacro): fatal errors in source
Standard Output follows:
<title>phpc example: build versus run-time code
This file was built on: Thursday 17th of April 2003
09:41:07 PM<br>

<b class="comment">begin readfile() run-time code</b><br
ERROR: language not supported: jp <br />
make: ***
Error 1