XMake macros can be used to create makefile rules with minimal knowledge of makefile syntax. We create a rule to test the generated file, 'build-versus-run-time.php', passing parameters. NOTE: '$' is escaped as '$$' in makefiles.
# automate testing of script, using various languages:
# we know that japanese is not supported and will fail
BUILD_EXAMPLE_LANGS:=en es pt fr jp
# try to build these target languages

# lots of stuff deleted, for this example...

# execute the build-versus-run-time example PHP script
# test by passing in a set of runtime parameters
$(CURDIR)/build-versus-run-time.body.% \
	@$(call \
	XM_php_outfileMacro,$(CURDIR)/build-versus-run-time.php,$@, \
	$$user="greg"; $$lang="$*";)